Wk10 – Legs, Back & Abs

Monday morning I got my week off to a good start with a successful wee 45 minutes in the gym.

I got up and out for about 625 then got to the gym just after 630 and went straight on a bike for 5 minutes.

I’m really enjoying the gym in the morning these days. It’s not too busy and I can get to use everything I want to most of the time.

Todays workout felt really efficient and I really enjoyed it.

Here’s what I did:

Cardio warm up: Bike, level 9, 5 mins, 2k.

Then I went on to do my 3 triple supersets of legs and back exercises:

Legs and Back: 27 mins

Triple superset 1: legs
Dumbbell squats: 3 x 12, 14kg
Dynamic lunges: 6 x 12
Power squats: 3 x 12

Triple superset 2: back
Bent over row: 1 x 12, 14kg, 2 x 12kg
Back extension (gym ball):
Mountain climbers: x40

Triple superset 3: legs
Leg press: 2 x 12, 200lbs, 1 x 15, 200lbs
Calf press: 2 x 12, 200lbs, 1 x 15, 200lbs
Jump squats in 3s: 3 x 12

After that I went straights into abs:

Abs: 13 mins

3 circuits of 6 abs exercise
30 secs work: 6 secs rest with no rest between circuits. I used my HIIT app for the timings.

1. Leg raise
2. Leg scissors
3. Moving plank
4. Alternating Superman
5. Side / star plank right
6. Side / star plank left

I tried something Julie Ann suggested (she’s able to do it) 🙂 on the last two exercises turn to the other side without putting your knees down. And I managed it! Thanks for the suggestion Julie Ann!

If you want to get a lot from your work out, limit your rest, lift the right weight for you (so you challenge your body) and mix it up a bit every now and again. (don’t do the same exercises all the time week in week out.)

Legs, Back & Abs: 45 mins 234 calories
Ave HR: 121 (64%), Max HR: 145 (78%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.0

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