Wk10 – Bodypump (and a walk)

Monday night and it was Bodypump with the good instructor Sharon again at Drumoyne.

I kept the weights more or less the same as last week, but this week I managed to keep going throughout most of the tracks. 🙂 I just tried to have an attitude of that I could do it.. …. a can do attitude I guess…. and I did! It was only right at the end on the shoulders track I took a wee breather. 😉

I didn’t do my usual 30 minute bit of training before it and went straight in for ten to six.

Here’s what I did:

Warm up: 5kg
Squats: 8.5.kg
Chest: 5kg
Back: 7.5kg
Triceps: 3.5kg on bar, 5kg plate – I did the tricep push up exercise the whole way through without stopping!
Biceps: 3.5kg… I did the biceps track the whole way through too!! My first time EVER!
Lunges: 3.5kg and dynamic lunges
Shoulders: 3.5kg on bar, 3kg dumbells, press ups

I was really pleased that I managed triceps and biceps without giving up!! 🙂 I;ve been going to Bodypump there for about 8 weeks now and I’ve managed to get a regular spot and speaking to some of the other regulars. I introduced myself to Anne Marie next to me, and Linda her friend. 🙂

Oh and I forgot, this morning, I introduced myself to John (and got his name): a regular in the gym at Bella.

I found that I seemed to work a bit harder and here’s a comparison on Garmin to show the differences (click on more detail):

Going by my HR this time, I seemed to be working harder than the past 3 times.

I’m getting a lie in tomorrow before a walk in the day, then at night Spinfit and a run. x

Bodypump: 1:00. Calories: 215
Ave HR: 104 (56%), Max HR: 135 (71%), Garmin Training Effect: 1.3

PS: I also walked 4.7 miles into town and back today, into town for a meeting and back out. 🙂 it was a nice day for it and I wore my sunnies for the first time this year it was so nice and sunny.

Walk: 4.7M, 50:57, Calories: 300.
Ave HR: 98, Max HR: 165 Garmin Training Effect: 1.0.

Total calorie burn for the day: 234 + 300 + 215 = 739. I ate a lot too!! yum yum yum!

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