Wk9 – Upper Weights & Plyometrics (& sneak preview of updated Spring Strength Workout!)

Friday morning and I had my first new weights session planned. My new workout for Friday mornings is based around Chest Shoulders Tricep and Bicep (upper) weights exercises, followed by a Plyometrics / Abs circuit.

On Thursday night, I stated up to 2:30am for the second night in the row. I wasn’t too tired on Wednesday or Thursday and somehow I felt fine walking up on Friday morning at 6am after two nights on just 3.5 hours each night. How odd. I must be back to normal after my bug (I feel 99% better, which is good.) 😀

Friday morning at 6:25am, I was up and dressed and managed to be ready to go to the gym.

I wore my green Nike t shirt, purple and black tempo shorts and my nice and light Saucony Kinvaras.

When I left the flat the sun was rising in the East and it looked like today was going to be a really nice day. 🙂

It’s the 2nd of March, and I think Spring has finally sprung!

Bellahouston Leisure Centre is around 2 miles away from mine, or 3 minutes on the M8 in my car.

The gym has recently been done up and it’s a nice (and not too busy) place first thing in the morning. At that time, there seems to always be room and equipment to do exactly what you want when you want, which is good.

Here’s the new (rather large) reception of Bella gym, complete with Glasgow Life brand coloured furniture and snazzy larger than life pictures of fit people. lol 😉

I managed to get into the gym and start my workout for around 6:35am. I scurried into the gym, said hello to the new gym instructor / old lifeguard Sean (who I know), then hopped on a bike next to another regular gym goer.

I said hello and chatted for a bit, I must get his name.

Here’s what I did on the bike:

Cardio Warm Up: 5 mins

Indoor Bike, level 9, 90rpm: 5 minutes: 2 miles.

Then I went onto do my new Triple Supersets of 2 weights exercises and 1 plyometric exercises, repeated 3 times.

The sets I’m planning on doing as part of my new Spring Weights Workout are:

2 sets of 12 reps (or the three exercises one after other) followed by 1 set to failure (do as many reps as possible before I can’t lift anymore.

Today I noticed they’ve got a new black hard wearing floor in the gym at the weights bit instead of the old mats that were there, and it was good. 🙂

Below are the weights I did today:

Upper Weights: 27 minutes

3 x Triple Supersets (of 3 exercises):
Sets: 2 x 12 reps, 1 x failure.

Triple Superset 1: Chest and Shoulders
1. Bench Press: 14kg for 1st set, 12kg for next two sets.
2. Cuban Press: 7kg for all sets
3. Tuck Jumps: x40

Triple Superset 2: Chest and Shoulders
1. Shoulder Press: 12kg
2. Incline Flyes: 7kg
3. Squat Jumps: x40

Triple Superset 3: Triceps and Biceps
1. Overhead Single Dumbell Extension: 10kg
2. Standing Bicep Curl: 7kg
3. Mountain Climbers: x40

The weights part was really good. It was a bit of a thought doing 3 sets 3 times (a triple superset), then doing another 2 triple supersets, but the plyometrics of the 3rd exercise really pushed my heart rate up and got me working hard. I took limited rest and each triple superset took about 9 minutes each.

After the weights sets, I went over to a matted area next to the power plates (it’s ok the legs / man in the picture wasn’t dead…. I could have asked him to move, but he looked pretty done in and all sweaty!)

At the nice mats area, at my disposal was:

Lots of weights ranging from 1kg – 10kg,
A 12kg kettlebell,
Some gym balls and
A mat.

Sorted! 🙂

I chose to use:

A 12kg kettlebell for the Tornado Chops,
Two 4kg dumbbells for the Lateral Raises,
Two 10kg dumbbells for the SIde Bends,
A green (small) gym ball.
A mat . 🙂

Here’s what I did:

Plyometrics / Abs Circuit: 18 mins
3 x 6 Plyometric / Abs exercises:

30 secs work : 6 secs rest
With 30 secs rest befween circuit repeats.

1. Tornado Chop: 12kg kettlebell.
2. Side Bends: 2 x 10kg dumbbells
3. Lateral Raises: 2 x 4kg dumbbells
4. Press Ups
5. Gym Ball Crunch
6. Gym Ball Jack Knife

It was good, and each circuit took around 5 minutes (15 mins in total – plus the set up time: 18 mins)

I finished my workout after 50 minutes, right on time for me getting home at around 7:30am to get ready for work. I need to get showered and ready, make up what I’m going to eat through the day (I’ll do another post on this soon….)… Salad for lunch, bagel and chocolate spread for a mid morning snack… you get the idea. 🙂 Then I walk to work and aim to get there for around 9am.

Today I really enjoyed my weights and plyometrics workout and I think I’m going to like doing two sessions a week (1 x Upper, 1 x Lower and Back) for the next wee while as cross training for the Highland Fling in April.

Following todays workout, I’m going to improve my strength workout layout a bit, mixing up the chest and shoulders exercises, and updating it so I have more plyometric and abs exercises to choose from (x24 of each instead of x10).

I’ve also added a table showing how many Triple Supersets and Plyometric/Abs exercises you should do for a 45 minute workout (3 and 6) and for a 60 minute workout (4 and 6-10).

In the meantime, if you want a sneak preview, my updated Spring Strength workout sheet is available here on Excel to download and view and print. I’ll post a jpeg version soon here and let you know once it’s updated. 😀

As I left Bella at around 7:30, I could see the sun was rising and it looked like it was going to be a good day.

Here’s the sunrise as I drove east home along Paisley Road West… 🙂

It’s safe to say I was smiling from ear to ear: what a great way to start my morning!

Here’s the Angel Building looking onto Paisley Road, and the sun rise from outside my door (much like the picture I took at the start of the day.)

Upper Weights & Plyometrics / Abs: 50 minutes, 415 calories.
Ave HR: 139 (75%), Max HR: 157 (85%, Garmin Training Effect: 2.6

Now it’s most definitely the weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting up with Julie Ann tomorrow morning at 8am to run a hilly (and hopefully not too windy, rainy or cold) long run, before a nice relaxing Saturday and Saturday night. 😀

Then it’s all go on Sunday when I’m:

1. Up early taking my 4 year old niece swimming, then
2. Meeting my oldest and bestest friend I’ve known the longest and her bf for lunch, before
3. Teaching swimming for 4 hours on Sunday night!

It’s all go for me! 🙂 Let’s hope the weekend weather stays nice for us!

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