Supersized vs Superskinny blog feedback

After I posted about the Supersized vs Superskinny Channel 4 programme the other night, I got a comment from a guy who has done a rather entertaining review of the show, you can read it here. 🙂 

Here’s his comment:

I think we often take common sense with food for granted. A lot of people are very badly educated on the matter, and programmes like this don’t really help as they’re more about being shocking and graphic and less about offering actual guidance. People’s problems aren’t solved by a diet plan (which we never see) but by a makeover in the studio and lighting.

And here’s mine:

Cool – thanks Tom and thanks for the comment! Your post is good, can I link to it from mine.
What this programme does for me is highlight the extreme cases, and shows the results of what these people are doing to (and effectivley any viewers who are doing the same to) themselves. For me it also shows (slightly) how someone in their circumstances can change to improve and in the long run hopefully improve their lifestyle and survive longer.
As you say in your blog post, there isn’t enough of the ‘how to’ in the programme, but that’s not really what the programme is about. I particularly liked your last paragraph!!
I spoke to a someone whose background is in medicine today who suggested that the majority of ‘Superskinny’ people in this programme are in fact most probably anorexic. Anorexics have a 40% mortality rate. Whilst, the proportion of deaths in England where obesity was recorded as a underlying reason for death is 25%.
If this programme can act as a trigger for anyone who is ‘Superskinny’ or ‘Supersized’ to go to their GP / change their lifestyle, I can’t see that as a bad thing. I do take your point about the makeover, studio and lighting, but if this programme helps to make someone (obese or anorexic) seek the help they need to survive, then I’m all for it.

I think blogs are cool for interaction like this. 🙂

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