Wk9 – Spinfit then 7M progressive run

Spinfit was good again tonight. Helen’s second day back, I decided to sit at the front to keep her company.

The class was full again, testament to Helen’s great, funny and motivational ways. 🙂 We did a mixture of workouts, warm up, speed, hills, running and strength. We finished with a good running workout where my heart rate maxed at 171 (90%).

There was a funny bit (you’d need to be there) where I told the woman in the track to Shut up (after being asked by Helen to shout at her). And Helen says things like, ‘your legs should be screaming’… I refrained tonight, but usually I let out a high pitched scream if I can get the breath to. Lol

It was a great workout and I can’t wait for next week where I think Helen (and I) will be doing double Spinfit.

Spinfit: 45 mins, Calories: 380.
Ave HR: 143 (75%), Max HR: 171 (90%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.7

After spin I was going to run home, and was cautious to run as I felt and not push it too much. I put on my long sleeved top and cap and went outside to set my Garmin ready to go. Emile Sandez on my iPod.

It was ok when I went out. Not too cold, just right. 🙂 I started my garmin and got running. It was after 6 so it was dark, but I’m used to running in the dark now.

I took it easy to start off, just running nice and steady. I checked and my HR was about 140-150. I didn’t notice fast I did the first mile, but noticed that as the miles went on I was getting progressive faster (helped by the downhill towards the Clyde from 4 miles in 🙂 – from the top corner of Queens Park).

The weather had turned worse from when I turned onto Nithsdale Rd… It was still warm enough, but thick smirry rain came down on me. I was running up Nithsdale Rd with a dirty great big smile on my face. Happy to be running outside, even though it was raining and dark.

After the park I comfortably picked up the pace and kept an eye on my heart rate. It was going between 150-160. Just right. I felt good.

Going down Eglington Toll I had a bit of a meeting with a bus as I was crossing the road. His breaks creaked and he slowed and let me run in front of him as he turned the corner. Nice bus driver (not that he had much choice. 😉

Running home I had about a mile to go and decided I’d push it. It was feeling easy, comfortable and good.

I was soaking by this point, my face, hands and legs, and my clothes. I kept an eye on HR and pace and kept going. Half a mile to go, I kept pushing. Past the knocked down building on Morrison St, where there’s no pavement on the right side of the road. Great (not).

Back to mine and the street was busy with people. I had 0.5 miles to go and had to cross Seaward St just at the same time a 4×4 Audi decided to turn onto the street. I slowed, he slowed. We both stopped dead. Very annoying. But I kept on going, and finished just past my flat at the Grand Old Opry (where, incidentally, Noel Gallagher is playing!)

I got home and noticed my little run had notched up a Garmin Training Effect: 5.0!! Overreaching. 😀 Not bad for a ‘run as I feel run’. 🙂

This girl is well and truly BACK! 😀

Run: 7M, 55:39, Pace: 7:57, Calories: 563
Ave HR: 160 (84%), Max HR: 178 (94%), Garmin Training Effect: 5.0

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