Update to Highland Fling Training Plan

After my little blip over the last few weeks where I had 10 out of 12 rest days, I’ve had a look at my training plan and tweaked it a bit. 

I have 9 weeks left to train and thought I’d get my plan updated as to how I plan to train:

It now includes 3-4 runs a week, and an upper strength workout on Friday mornings.  The main thing will be working on running long, I’ll use Saturdays and Thursdays for this, and getting back to full fitness after my little bug.

I’ve also updated my strength / weights workout as below (Winter Strength workout here). 

This is the weights training and plyometrics I intend to do over Spring Summer 2012:

It’s going to be made up mainly of 3 supersets, 2 of weights and 1 plyometrics, plus abs at the end.  🙂

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