Wk9 – Back to it: Weights and run :-D

I was really looking forward to getting back into the gym after about a fortnight away from it with the cold.  When I was walking up the stairs one of the regulars said ‘Where have you been?’… nice to know I’m missed.  🙂 

I’ve missed my running, so instead of the usual bike warm up, I hopped on a (rather noisy) treadmill instead.  I ran for 1km, just over 5 minutes and felt ok whilst I ran which I was pleased about. (I was worried I might cough, but I was ok). I’m keen to take my runs easy this week, no pressure, no speed, just run and get back to it.

Warm Up: Treadmill: @10.5kph, 5:30, 1km 

Then I went onto my weights. I tried my luck to see if I could get into the newly kitted out (and not in use yet) TRX room at Bella, but it’s closed and I might have known I wouldn’t be allowed.  Hey ho – if you don’t ask you don’t get. 

When I got started with my weights I more or less immediately started sweating…not good.  It was hard work, so I took it slow and steady and tried to work my legs as much as possible. 

Here’s the weights I did (mainly working on my legs): 

DUMBBELL SQUAT: 3 x 12, 2 x 12kg

LEG PRESS: 2 x 12, 180lbs 1 x 12, 200lbs.
CALF PRESS: 2 x 12, 180lbs 1 x 12, 200lbs. 

Then I went over to where a guy was hogging the step and asked if he was using it.  He wasn’t but was in the middle of doing a circuits workout so he said he’d be using it for/in 5 minutes.  I went and got another step, and noticed that he never actually used his step at tall, but moved it over to where he was working out, just in case.  Numpty. 

STEP UP WITH WEIGHTS: 3 x 12, 2 x 12kg
POWER JUMPS: 3 x 30 secs (my HR maxed at 164 here) 

ROMANIAN DEADLIFT: 3 x 12, 2 x 12kg
3 POINT JUMPING SQUATS: 3 x 30 secs 

LEG EXTENSION: 3 x 12, 60lbs
HAMSTRING CURL: 3 x 12, 70lbs 

After the weights, I had about 15 minutes, so went on the treadmill again for 10:30 minutes.  Nice and steady at 10.5kph.  I managed to get my heart rate to around 80% and keep it there.  I actually felt very at ease whilst running and found it easier than the weights (I thought it would be the other way around). 

A good start to my week anyway.  Bodypump tonight, with a wee run before hand I think if a treadmill is free. 

Weights: 38 minutes, Calories: 300.
Run: 16 minutes, 1.7M, Calories: 150.
Ave HR: 135 (71%), Max HR: 164 (86%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.8

I got home in good time for a nice hearty breakfast of:

  • Two slices of wholemeal toast with 1 mashed up banana on them.
  • A glass of pineapple juice.
  • A bowl of Alpen Porridge. 🙂


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