Wk9 – 5k easy run then Bodypump

Monday night and I got a lift from work to Drumoyne for Bodypump with Sharon. Sharon is a great instructor, full of confidence, knowledge and explains every workout really well, every week without fail.

I decided I’d try a run before pump, and managed to get the last remaining treadmill to run on. I was sure to keep it easy and not overdo it, and kept my heart rate below 160 (85%) for the most part of the run.

Here’s what I did:

9:30 mins run @ 6.2-6.7mph (1 mile)
30 seconds walk
8:57 mins run @ 6.7mph (1 mile)
1:03 min walk
9:00 min run @ 6.2mph (1 mile) up to 8.0mph for the last 0.1 mile. (HR up to 174 / 92 % for last 30 secs)

I managed to keep my pace steady when I was running and almost refrained from upping my speed but gave in for the last 30 seconds (and it felt good 😀 ).

My cough was ok when I was running and only returned when I stopped. I took a few minutes to recover then went into Bodypump where my weights were already set up.

Run: 5k, 29 minutes, Pace: 9:21, Calories: 250
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 174 (92%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.3

In Bodypump I was careful not to do too heavy weights, and in fact lowered most of them. Sharon mixed up the tracks between some from the last release (80) and others from another release (47).

Here’s the weights I did:

Warm up: 5kg
Squats: 7.5kg
Chest: 5kg
Back: 6kg (could have been heavier)
Triceps: 3.5kg, 5kg plate
Biceps: 3.5kg
Lunges: 5kg
Shoulders: 3.5kg, 3kg dumbells

It was a good workout and I especially enjoyed the back track and lunges track. And hated the biceps track. Oucho!!

Bodypump: 1 hour, Calories: 267.
Ave HR: 110 (58%), Max HR: 138 (72%) Garmin Training Effect: 1.4

Back home to a nice wee mars bar milkshake and chicken stir fry… and I might have a wee lie in tomorrow to recover. 🙂

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