Training Wk9

I thought I wrote this blog post last night, but it seems my iPhone swallowed it and it didn’t post, so here goes again.   

Week 9 of my 17 week training for the Highland Fling.  I have 6 weeks to go before we walk the West Highland Way, 3 weeks before the D33 on the 17th March, and 9 weeks until the Highland Fling on the 28th April.  I’m half way through my training plan and I’ve had 10 out of the last 12 days off as rest to try and recover from the cold. 

I’m feeling slightly better now (maybe 90% well), but still have a little annoying cough that’s hanging around.

Here’s what happened over the last few weeks: 

Mon AM: Run, PM: Weights & Bodypump
Tues AM: Kettlebell, PM: Spinfit.
Wed AM: Circuits, PM: Felt sniffles and sneezes coming on, went home to sleep.
Thu: Rest, full blown cold. Sleep.
Fri: Rest, flu like symptoms, aching, sweats. Went home an hour early from work. Sleep.
Sat: Rest, sleep. Most of the weekend in bed!! I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in one week!
Sun: Rest, Swimming Teaching, sleep.
Mon: Rest, Work, Went home 3 hours early from work, Sleep.
Tues: Rest, Work, sniffles, sneezes, aches, cough, Sleep.
Wed: Rest, Drs, Blood Test, Took day off work, Bed / slept all day.
Thu: Rest, Took day off work, Bed / slept all day.
Fri: Rest, Started to feel a bit better / decongested, cough still here. Work.
Sat: 13 mile walk on the WHW, cough still persisting, otherwise, almost better.
Sun: Rest, Swimming Teaching.

I took decongestant, but after a few days I was finding I was really dehydrated and feeling worse for it.  I even managed to get to my ‘Racing Weight’ of 120lbs… (through dehydration…so not ideal!) Thankfully I’m back to my normal (weight) now. 

I’m going to take my time off, just as that, a good rest and recuperation and this week start back to getting back to normal. Usually I clear colds in about 5 days and don’t feel the need to take time off work, so this one was a bit of a bad one! 

I’m glad I listened to my body and took time out when I needed it.  

Now, after taking 10 days off…. after the walk on Saturday I was a little more tender than normal on Sunday morning (legs/glutes/back)… so I’m hoping I don’t need to take any more time out of training in case I get any DOMS after long runs or walks!! I’m going to ease myself back in this week.  

Here’s my plan for Wk9 of my training (all runs will be easy, weights low intensity): 

Mon AM: Weights & 15 min run, PM: 25 min run, Bodypump.
Tues AM: Kettlebell, PM: Spinfit, 5 mile run home.
Wed AM: Circuits, PM: 6-10 mile run (depending how I feel).
Thu AM: 5 mile run, PM: Run or rest or swim (depending how I feel).
Fri: Rest
Sat AM: 5 hour run from Tyndrum south and back.
Sun: Rest, Take niece swimming, Swimming Teaching. 

I’d like to get into the pool to swim, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in.  Maybe Thursday night if I can find anywhere that’s open.  Although I’m not very good at trying to make myself swim / get into the pool after a day at work… 😛 

And here’s the plan for my long runs/walks over the next 6 weeks, leading up to us walking the West Highland Way in Week 14:

Wk9 – Saturday 3rd March:  5 hour run from Tyndrum (out and back along the Fling route).
If I’m not up to a long run, then I’ll swap the weekends over and we’ll do a long walk this weekend, I’ll decide later this week.
Wk10 – Saturday 10th March: 15-20 mile Walk, need to find a route.
Wk11 – Saturday 17th March: D33, 33 Miles from Aberdeen, out and back.
Wk12 – Saturday 24th March: 15-20 mile Walk, route to be confirmed.
Wk13 – Friday 30th March: 41 miles from Drymen to Tyndrum… still need to work out the transport for this one.
Wk14 – Tuesday 3rd April – Walk West Highland Way in FIVE days.  🙂

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