I eat around every 2 hours…

I’ve written a little about what (and how regularly) I eat before on here and I thought I’d give you a taster of what an every day of eating is like for me. 

The premise of my eating is:  A little, often.  Very often in fact.  🙂 

I don’t like to be hungry, but in the same way, I don’t like to be stuffed.  I eat mostly at my desk at work, breakfast in my kitchen, dinner in front of the telly.  I usually eat roughly every two hours, and I try to drink as much water as possible when I’m at work or working out.

I do eat a lot, but I also burn a lot of calories (around 5000-6000 a week), so need to food to keep me fuelled.  😀

Here’s my routine and food for today: 

6am: Wake.

630am: Gym for an hour (weights).
No food until after the gym.  Water throughout workout. 

730am: Breakfast:
Alpen Porridge
2 slices of wholemeal toast with mushed up banana
Pineapple juice
1 Centrum Performance Multivitamin, 1 x 3,6,9 omega fish oil.
Prepare food for the day to take to work. 

(If I’m not training, or sometimes if I am, I might only have porridge and fruit juice, with no extras)

10am: Bagel and nutella or peanut butter or cottage cheese. 

12 noon, or 1230pm if I can hold out: Lunch:
Salad with meat and egg and tasty salad dressing.
Muller Rice. 

230pm: Snack:
Tracker Bar or Go Ahead biscuits or Muller Rice if I didn’t have it with lunch. 

430pm: Pre gym snack:
Cashew nuts (80g) 

530pm: Gym for a 25 min run or upper weights workout. 

600pm: Bodypump for an hour.
Chocolate/protein milkshake after Bodypump. 

730pm: Sit down to dinner:
Chicken Noodle Stir Fry. 

And if I’m still hungry I’ll maybe have a bowl of cereal, some greek yoghurt or some chocolate later on (need to stop the chocolate snacks though!!)

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  1. solox5 says:

    One thing to remember with Fish Oil is that it isn’t the total fats that is the key, but the total EPA+DHA. A lot of the lower quality products claim something like 2g of fish oil, but only have 300mg of DHA+EPA. Also don’t really need n6s – you get a ton of those from meat (thus why we need to supplement n3s via fish oil).

    We’ve collected a lot of the research if you want to learn more: http://examine.com/supplements/Fish+Oil/

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