Training Plan Wk 8

Well, week 7 of my training for the Highland Fling went out the window when on Wednesday I started sniffling and sneezing, and started getting a horrible cold.

My niece and nephews were down from Wick and whilst I’d managed to avoid any weegie bugs this winter (something I was quite proud of), It seems I’m no match for the Wick bugs. :-/

I missed my run on Wednesday night, and my weights session on Thursday morning and got as much sleep as I could instead.

Thursday I took my running stuff to work with me, but went straight home and and slept. My running stuff is still sitting in the bag where I left it.

Then I got up for work on Friday, all achy and really not feeling like sitting at a computer all day. But I had a report I had to get out so I went in and did it.

Friday night I went to bed again, and now it’s Saturday and I’ve slept for about 18 hours. I’m taking my usual concoction of medication, cold and flu remedies to dry me up and night nurse at night to help me sleep.

Last night and today I’ve got the sweats. It’s unbelievable. I’m so roaring hot, still bunged up and have it a little but in my throat. My body is aching all over and I’m considering getting up to see of it might make me feel better.

I was meant to be doing a 5 hour run today, but I knew it was out the window yesterday when I felt so bad. I’ll just need to rest and recover and get back to it gently next week.

I’m not even going to write down what I plan to do as I’m waiting until I feel better before putting any training pressures on me. It’s odd sweating this much and I’m just lying here. Hopefully I fight it off soon.

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2 Responses to Training Plan Wk 8

  1. comrades2012 says:

    You still alive ? we are all very concerned

    Get well soon

    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks Dave, yes, I’m getting there. Day 6 of the lurgy. I’ve been sleeping lots and just trying to get better. I’ve thought about posting but I don’t really want to write about my snotters and sweats. 😉 Thanks for the comment x

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