Wk7 – Kettlebell Workout (I almost didn’t do)

Tuesday night and I had an appointment with myself at home to do an hour of kettlebell exercises. I’d planned 10 exercises, 30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between, repeated 8 times.

I’d told myself I’d be home and in my shorts, Tshirt and trainers by 530pm, and I would start and be finished by 630pm. That plan was out the window when I stayed at work until 6pm. Oops.

I had until about 730 before my other half would be back home for a valentines dinner of chicken fajitas, and I was slowly letting other things (work, dinner, anything) get in the way of my kettlebell workout that I was clearly trying to avoid.

As I was walking home I managed to get myself into the mindset that I was going to do the kettlebell workout, then when I got home, this was waiting on me…

… and my excuses for not doing my kettlebell workout seemed to fade away. Phew.

Iggle piggle can be very persuasive sometimes. 😉 Little ba$%#rd!

Anyway, I decided I’d do a 45 minute workout, so 6 circuits of 10 exercises. Here’s what I did (with Iggle Piggle watching) ;-):

Kettlebell workout: 45 mins, 350 calories.
10 exercises, 30:10 work:rest, 6 circuits
12kg kettlebell

Squat Press
Torso Circles
Press Ups (full ones)
Double Arm Row
Squat Figure 8s
Double Arm Swing
Mountain Climbers
Sumo Squat
Romanian Deadlift

Then I did a final set of 5 repetitions of:

8 Quick Squats
8 Press Ups

It was hard work, but I’m glad I did it. 🙂 I’m glad I managed to banish the excuses out of my way.

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