Thursday thoughts…

It’s Thursday and I rather gratefully took yesterday off as a full rest day… the Ironing was piling up, and it had to be done, and it’s usually my punishment for skiving off exercise, so I took the housework and rested from running.

I think it’s important to rest, but still keep an eye on what I want to be doing without neccessarily sticking to the training plan.  Flexibility is key, as is listening to my body and knowing when I need a break, or when I need to step it up.

This weeks training

This weeks training has gone a little off plan:

Tuesday: I didn’t swim  (but did Spin and a hill climb on a treadmill… 2250ft in 40 minutes)…
Wednesday: Rest day, instead of Circuits and a hill run.
Thursday AM: I lay in bed instead of going to the gym for Lower Weights.

This is afterall my ‘easy week’, so I’m using it to rest and recover, although I probably could have done with an early night last night instead of updating my blog and entering races!

Friday was meant to be a rest day, but as I took this on Wednesday/Thursday morning, I think I’ll do Lower Weights if I can drag my a$$ out of bed for 630! Then I’ll have Friday night off.

Saturday morning was meant to be a long walk in training for the WHW walk we’re doing, but it’s probably going to be a 6-10 mile run instead I think.  Maybe up to Newton Mearns and back or something.

I have my relatives visiting Glasgow from Saturday to Wednesday, so I’ll need to fit them in somewhere too. 🙂  I’m looking foward to seeing them. x

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