Wk6 – Spin, Walk and Feeling Old…:-S

Tuesday night and I went to Spin, but it just isn’t the same with Helen not taking it.  Not that the instructor isn’t good – she’s just different and I like how Helen was so funny and motivational.  Helen will be back next week for one session (after breaking her leg)… so I’m looking forward to that.   Anyway, Leanne thought that Helen was taking the 1730 class this week, so turned up late, but I’d already warmed up by the time she got there.

Spin consisted of a lot of speed work mixed in with moderate hill climbs, and some more speed work.  It got me working hard anyway.  I’ll be glad when Helen is back so I can make this bit of cross training a regular part of my training.

I was booked in for two spin fit classes, but just stayed for the one, and decided I’d go upstairs for a shot on a treadmill whilst Fit Girl finished her double spin fit effort.

Spinfit: 40 minutes, Calories: 328
Ave HR:  135 (71%) Max HR: 160 (85%) Garmin Training Effect: 2.9

I went up to the gym, not sure if I’d get a machine so looked around for a mat instead.  There were not free mats, and hardly any free machines.  Then a treadmill became available so I jumped on.  I didn’t really have a plan for the treadmill workout, so I just put it up to 11kph and started running.  Then the treadmill started to move as it wasn’t stable on the floor.  I tried running on it for a bit, but realised it was a no go.  So decided to mix it up a bit.

I whacked the incline up to the maximum (15) and reduced the speed to 5.9kph.  I did this up to 8 minutes, then reduced the incline to 0 for 2 minutes.  I figured I could do this 3 or 4 times to get a good interval hill walking workout.

Up at 15 the pain in my calves was hellish.  5.9 isn’t even that fast a pace walking, but going up the incline is really tough. I really needed the 2 minute break from the incline when it came around.  I figured it would be a good different workout – different to running, but might help towards the walking side of my long runs on the West Highland Way.

I got to 30 minutes (3 times: 8 mins @ 15 incline, 2 mins @ 0 incline), and decided I’d do one more 10 minute block.  My heart rate was up pretty high when I was walking uphill – around 140-150.  I ran for the last 2 minutes, and thought it might be a good workout to walk up at 15 incline, then run at 0 for set intervals.  Maybe that will be my next treadmill workout.

Now… here’s where the feeling of being old hit me….as I was on the treadmill, a young woman walked past me… maybe a 16-18 year old… I recognised her, but couldn’t remember where from.  Then a young guy walked past…. maybe 16-18 years old again.  I recognised him too, but couldn’t think where from.  Then I realised.  I had taught them (WHEN THEY WERE CHILDREN) to swim!!  Sure they were quite old children when they came for swimming lessons, maybe 10 or 11, but still.  I’ve been teaching swimming for 10 years, so I guess this is the time when I might see kids I’ve taught a long time ago, growing up to be adults.  Scary biscuits. 😉

Anyway, I’m glad I did the incline walk on the treadmill.  It was different to what I’d normally do, but still a challenge.

Walk: 2.5M, 40 minutes, Calories: 316.
Ave HR: 133 (70%), Max HR: 150 (80%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

PS: I got a nice wee heart rate graph out of the walk. 😉

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