I’ve entered a few more races…

Ok…. so I’ve just entered two 2012 races in two days now… I think I better get a grip.  😉  (Add to that the Barrathon I entered last week, and that’s 3 races in less than one week I’ve entered!)

Yesterday I entered the Great Scottish Half Marathon Run which takes place on the 2nd September 2012.  (I’ve done this one twice: once dressed as Supergirl, and once after doing the 10k before it).

And tonight I entered the D33, a 33 mile out and back ultramarathon along the banks of the Dee in Aberdeenshire.  It will be my first official ultramarathon.  It’s great value at just £13, and my parents stay in Stonehaven so I should get some good food and a bed for the weekend.

The D33 will hopefully serve as good training for the Highland Fling which I hope to complete in April 2012!

You can find more information about the races on the pages I’ve set up:

Wish me luck! 😀

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