Blurry vision is here to stay…

I went back to the Opticians today (a different one, referred by my GP) to get my eyes checked.  After my long run a few weeks ago, I generally felt wiped out and blurry vision wasn’t helping things.  I noticed it again on and after my last long run.

What I’m finding is that generally, most of the time my eye sight is fine, then when I’m tired (or it’s dark) my eye sight seems slightly blurred.  I’ve noticed it especially after long (4 hour) runs and at work at the end of the day.

I was prescribed a rather low prescription in January 2011, and got glasses and contacts, but the contacts didn’t seem to work with my ‘rugby ball shaped eyes’ and I found I only really needed the glasses when I was tired or at night time (or at the cinema).

Today the optician confirmed that my eyesight isn’t all that bad, and the prescription I have is correct.  My prescription is minimal and he doubted whether glasses would make much difference to me generally. 

This is a picture of my actual eye!

However, he did notice that when he dimmed the lights, my eyesight became more blurry and he suggested that the reason my eyesight deteriorates when I’m tired, or when it’s dark is because my pupils are dilated and more light comes into my eye.

He said I was probably right not to wear my glasses all the time, and that I will probably only benefit from them when I’m tired or at night time when it’s dark. It all makes sense as I tend to benefit from wearing my glasses in the cinema and in a darkened room too. 🙂
(Go here for tips on Running in the Dark).

I asked if there was anything I could do, and he more or less said… don’t get tired… it’s a part of my Astigmatism, and correction (glasses, contacts or laser surgery) probably won’t fix it.

And he suggested I get my bloods checked (for anaemia) but I probably won’t find anything wrong. (My diet is ok and I take Centrum multivitamins – Performance ones & Omega 3 and 9 fish oil daily). 

I’m thinking if I’m going to run for 4 – 10 hours at 80%-85% max HR, I need to stock up on energy, hydrate well and eat during and after the training / event.  And if I get tired (from running long), my eyesight will deteriorate, so I need to get plenty of rest and sleep too. 

Anyway, looks like I’m stuck with my stupid eyes (with astigmatism).  I’ll just need to make sure I eat lots and keep my energy levels up when I train: lots of carbs, protien and fat, lots of water and lots of ENERGY!  😛

Do you like the photos? They are of the inside of my eyes!

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