Tired Tuesday…

It’s come to that time again in my two week training cycle where I’m finding I’m really tired (my long run hangover is here, but it’s not as bad as it has been in the past). 

After my long run on Saturday, I felt ok on Saturday night, fine on Sunday and ok on Monday.  Sure my legs were a little tight on Sunday, but more of a ‘I ran 26 miles yesterday woohoo’ feeling, rather than full on DOMS.  I had full range of movement and wasn’t cringing everytime I needed to move… quite the opposite. 🙂

On Sunday I taught swimming as usual, and felt fine.  Then on Monday I was up early for an easy run and then did about an hour and a half of weights in the evening.  I felt tired in the afternoon, but I’d say that was more of an afternoon slump than anything else.

Now it’s Tuesday again (remembering that I spent the last Tuesday after a long run in bed all day)… and I’m feeling pretty tired.  I had a lie in this morning and didn’t train, but tonight I’m booked into double spinfit.  I’ll get picked up from work, taken to the bike and then be given a lift home, so I can’t really make any excuses to get out of it (and don’t really want to make excuses either).

I know that once 5 o’clock comes and once I get to the bike, I’ll feel fine.  I’ll be raring to go.  And after I do it, I’ll feel good.  I’ve been eating a lot and drinking lots as I feel tired and feel that eating helps. I’ve been trying to eat good stuff… fruit, salad, carbs, eggs, but I’ve also been craving chocolate quite a bit. I hardly seem to be not eating in fact.  😉  I don’t even seem to be hungry, just tired and keep eating….

Perhaps tonight after double spin I should eat dinner and then go straight to bed to see if I can get some extra recovery zzzzzz’ds?

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