Preparation for a long run…

This getting prepared for a long run is silly. For an early morning 4 hour run, when I’m driving somewhere to start the run: It’s like a military exercise. 😉

Saturday morning I’m driving to park in Pollok Park, running to Paisley, up and around Gleniffer Braes and back to my car.

Here’s the long list of things I need to do the night before the long run:

1st – Protein and Caffeine plus shake
There’s the making the chocolate / caffeine / banana / peanut butter / nutty / protein milkshake for before and after the run. And storing it in the fridge, before drinking half of it with breakfast, and half of it for in a cool pack in the morning, for when I finish running (as part of my recovery).

2nd – Hydration for the run
There’s getting my water bladder filled up and in the fridge ready to go in my water pack before I leave.

3rd – Energy for the run
There’s getting my energy gels for during the run and food for after in a cool pack with the milkshake. 1 gel an hour / 45 mins roughly. Making sure I’ve got extra energy stuffed in my bag, or somewhere incase I need it. I’m trying out electrolyte pills tomorrow in my water too.

4th – What I’ll wear on the run
There’s getting my clothes ready for putting on when I get up. Enough layers and hats, buffs, gloves to keep me warm (depending on the weather.) I need to set these all out together so I don’t wake / disturb the Mrs by scrambling about in the dark. 😉

5th – Gadgets
The same applies to my heart rate monitor, garmin, mini camera, iPod, keys, phone, cards, money, gel belt, water pack. I need to get all of these out ready to go. What would I do without all these gizmos??!

6th – Warm clothes for after
Then there’s the warm clothes for after. After a run I need to get a few thick layers on or the cold sets in. I get a shoe bag with spare comfy trainers, fleece, body warmer, compression top, socks, gloves, hat.

7th – Setting me up for my run
There’s my breakfast bowl and porridge, vitamins and medication (and pro plus?) to set out (once again so I don’t disturb the Mrs) ready to be taken after I get up. (Plus the milkshake that’s in the fridge.)

8th – Recovery food for after
Get some form of food for after (along with the milkshake): apple / muller rice / nuts / carbs.

9th – Carb loading and hydrating the night before
Then there’s trying to eat and drink enough the night before the run. Friday night dinner usually consists of a Chinese or something … Tonight it was a free sausage supper from the local chippy(!!) (Free because I teach the guy who owns it’s kid to swim). Not exactly the diet of an athlete, but everything in moderation, I fancied it, so I had it. 🙂 and it was yummy!

10th – Alarm and early night
Then there’s setting the alarm for some ungodly hour in the morning. I usually wake up at around 6am through the week, so I might as well get up at that time on a Saturday too. The reason I run so early is so that the run doesn’t take up too much of my weekend (4 hours from 7am = finish before lunchtime, out for lunch with the Mrs and spend the rest of Saturday having fun). Plus the earlier I’m up and out the more chance I’ve got of seeing the sunrise. 🙂 Try and get an early night
This usually doesn’t happen, and tonight is no different. I’d better go and get some shut eye!

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I’m on a route I might not quite remember, and the weather MIGHT be hellish. 😀

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