I’ve entered the Barrathon!

I’ve entered the Barrathon! 13.1 miles around the Isle of Barra on the 30th of June.

I have quite a few friends doing it, namely Rhona and her boyfriend Ewan (and a few others from Wick), and Jackie and a load of girls from Bella. They’ve all done the event before, so it must be a good one if they keep going back!

Last year if I remember correctly it was really windy, and the course is littered with hills including a rather spectacular one at 10.5 – 11.5 miles in.  That will either make or break me I think!

I’ll be traveling over with Jackie and her friends, staying in the Hostel with them, and meeting up with Rhona and Ewan (they’re travelling from Inverness).  😀

I’m looking forward to it anyway… not sure about the 5 (?) hour boat trip though!

It’ll be nice to do a half marathon on a different route, and I’m pretty sure it’s all road running, right around the Island from Castlebay.  I was a bit worried about getting entered as last year it apparently sold out in 11 hours!

But I got in – Woooohooooooo!  😀

Update: The Barrathon sold out in 40 MINUTES!!! I was lucky to get a place! (1 out of about 250 or so).

Here’s Jackie running it last year… I might just be thinking about getting my Saltire out of it’s hiding place again.  🙂

Gotta have some fun!

For more info on the Barrathon go to the page I’ve dedicated to it in the Events section of my blog. 🙂

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