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Carrot, Sweet Potato, Honey and Ginger soup

I made some soup today, it’s so quick with the Cuisineart soup maker. 🙂 (You could make it in a pan though if you don’t have a soup maker.) Here’s the ingredients: A splash of extra virgin olive oil 1 … Continue reading

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Wk5 Training

I feel a bit odd this week. I haven’t done much running and spent a lot of time recovering from the long run last Saturday. Here’s what I did in the last week: Mon: AM: 5M easy run, PM: Bosu … Continue reading

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Make your own Smoothies…

After a long run, the last thing you may want is a big meal.  Smoothies are great for runners, as they pack in the carbs and protein for muscle repair.  But beware, bottled brands are often low in minerals and … Continue reading

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Wk4 – 7.45M speedwork

After my abismal attempt at 7 miles of speedwork last Wednesday (- I only managed 2.5 miles before stopping the treadmill), I thought I would try a different approach.  Here was the plan before last nights run: Run outside, and not on … Continue reading

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1,000 days off the booze!

Today is the 1,000th consecutive day that I’ve been off alcohol! (2 and 3/4 years) It has now become very easy to keep alcohol out of my life, and although I don’t think that everyone should cut out alcohol, I’m pleased that I’ve managed … Continue reading

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Inov-8 quote: the hills are calling

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How many pairs of trainers do YOU have?

I’ve been asked this question a few times over the last few months and I thought I would admit my addiction and tell you about all of the pairs of trainers I have. I have also spoken to a few people … Continue reading

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