Review of January 2012

January marked the first four weeks training for the Highland Fling for me.  Off the back of my Winter Strength Workout Challenge, I was continuing with weights and increasing my runs again.

The plan was to train with a 2 weekly rotational pattern, where I’d run long every second weekend, with one long run being on the West Highland Way.  I had initially planned around 4-5 hours of running, but managed to do 3 hours (from Rowardennan to Balmaha and back).

The week after my long run, I’d spend as I wanted and rest as I required.  Last week I rested 4/7 days, but feel good for having the recovery time.

I can probably safely say that the Two Week Food Test which limited my carb intake had quite a detrimental impact on my long run training and recovery after my long run… so I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!!!  I need carbs to fuel my training.  Full Stop! 😉

Here are the totals of my activities over January:

I’d probably have liked to have run more last week, but couldn’t fit it all in and have more than likely benefited from extra days off here and there.  And we haven’t started our walking training for the West Highland Way yet, we’ll start that in two weekends time.
This week I aim to pick up the runs a bit more and include the weights workouts and try and make sure I get in for a swim on Tuesday night.

Hopefully in February I’ll pick up the running miles a bit, and increase my reps in my weights to 3 x 12.

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