Wk5 Training

I feel a bit odd this week. I haven’t done much running and spent a lot of time recovering from the long run last Saturday.

Here’s what I did in the last week:

Mon: AM: 5M easy run, PM: Bosu ball, Bodypump
Tue: Total Rest
Wed: AM: Circuits, PM: Rest
Thu: AM: 1hr of weights, PM: 7.45M speedwork
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: I want to do a run, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit it in, so it might just be another rest day.

It was meant to be an ‘easy week’ and it was. I feel pretty good now and ready do some more.

Here’s the plan for next week, week 5 of my training:

Mon: AM: 5M easy, PM: 30 mins Run & Bodypump
Tue: AM: Kettlebell, PM: Swim or run
Wed: AM: Circuits, PM: 60 mins speedwork
Thu: AM: Weights, PM: 8M easy
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4-5 hour run, Gleniffer braes
Sun: Rest

A bit of a difference to last week, and I’m going back to making sure I’m eating what I want. I realise that I knackered myself after the long run in Saturday probably due to lack of carbs throughout the week before the long run.

I need carbs to fuel my exercise, and the only difference I’ll make is that I’ll take to eat ‘better’ carbs to do this. (although I’m sure mars bars will feature when I fancy one.)

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