How many pairs of trainers do YOU have?

I’ve been asked this question a few times over the last few months and I thought I would admit my addiction and tell you about all of the pairs of trainers I have.

I have also spoken to a few people about their trainers, one guy had 6 pairs of runners and a girl I know has 6 pairs of runners and countless pairs of every day trainers… so perhaps I’m not all that strange after all?

I’m hoping there are others out there with my problem (buying trainers 😉 ) and perhaps you too can maybe share with me the extent of your trainer closet with us?

So, here is my trainer confession:

I have 6 pairs of trainers for running in and
              3 pairs of trainers for every day use.

Here’s the list of my 6 pairs of running trainers:

2 pairs Saucony Paramounts: For Training, I alternate between the two – I use one for most workouts and runs, and the other for long runs.  They’re really supportive and comfortable, and I’m onto about my 6th pair (lost count, but I know I got my first pair in January 2011)!

1 pair Saucony Kinvaras: I use for speedwork, and occasional gym work.

1 pair Saucony A2: Speedwork / triathlon transition (with elastic, stay put laces).  Complete with holes in the bottom to make them lighter – not ideal for running in Glasgow (where it rains a lot of the time!)

1 pair Saucony Xodus: Trail shoe – a pair I bought a few years ago, which didn’t work out for me.  I used them for the Mighty Deerstalker and for running in snow, but I feel they’re too rigid on my foot.  They just aren’t right for me, and led me to sprain my ankle one day when I used them playing basketball – oops.  The good thing about them is they are black and clean up (from mud) well.

1 pair Inov 8 275s: Trail shoe – my most recent pair of trainers, I’ll use these when running on the West Highland Way and for the Fling hopefully.

Then there are my 3 pairs of every day trainers:

1 pair Salomon XR Crossmax – I love these, and wear them most days to work.  I’ve found that they aren’t good for running (too neutral and bulky – although they are promoted as trail trainers) but I think they’re great for walking.

1 pair Nike Alvord 8s – comfy pair of Nikes in bright colours.

1 pair Saucony Grid Getgo – I wear these (for walking / cycling etc) in Summer when it’s nice and have managed to keep them shiny and bright. 🙂

There.  I’ve done it… I’ve opened my trainer closet up to you and admitted my compulsion. lol.

Do you have lots of pairs of trainers like me? If so, list them below.  🙂
(and maybe I won’t feel so bad or odd then!)

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5 Responses to How many pairs of trainers do YOU have?

  1. Ok, here’s mine.

    1 pair Saucony Mirage: 10 miles road training
    1 pair Inov8 Roclite 315: Favourite trail shoe
    1 pair Saucony Kinvaras: Racing (road – short distance)
    1 pair Inov8 Roclite 285: Racing (trail)
    1 pair Nike Zoom Plus: Spikes (track)

    Missing – 1 pair : Racing (road – long distance).

    I keep the shoes in their boxes which are stacked in two columns and all faced up the right way. Hmm.. might have issues.


  2. I meant there’s a gap in my collection for a fast long distance racer. Perhaps the gap is just in my head though. 🙂

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