Wk4 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

Monday morning and I really struggled to get up to go for a run this morning.  It’s lucky I was meeting Gill or I would have probably given it a miss!  I woke at 2am, couldn’t sleep, then started to feel hungry… so got up for some cereal and some mundane internet surfing to numb my brain and get it to go to sleep. 

The alarm went off at 5:55am. I managed to drag my ass out of bed for about 6:15 and got to Bella for 6:30.  I felt ok yesterday, but didn’t really do much apart from teach swimming, so perhaps Sunday wasn’t a very good test of how I felt. 

We did our usual 5 mile route – this time up Nithsdale and back along Mosspark Boulevard.  It was spitting rain when we went out, and it was pretty cold too (3’C).  My legs felt pretty heavy, but it was probably a good thing I was running on them after my long one on Saturday.

Gill did well, but felt like she struggled.  She came very close to a PB for the route (+6 seconds). Once again, good steady pacing, then she pushed it for the last mile. We finished in 45:51.  I think she maybe started out a little quick for her liking, and finished a little quicker than last week too….hence the feeling she was working harder. 

After the run I was starving again.  I felt really tired and lethargic… like the weekend had really taken it out of me.  Not to dissimilar to having a two day hangover actually. :-/  The long run and running for 3 hours at 85% HR (and probably lack of carbs) has taken it’s toll.  That’s why this week is an easy week, to help me recover from my long run.

I went home and had eggs and tomatoes with a glass of milk, but it didn’t hit the spot.. so I had a wee snickers bar on the way to work.  Lol.  Not ideal, but hey, I haven’t had a snickers/mars bar in over two weeks and I thought maybe it would fix me and make me feel better. 😉 

PS: here is a video John Kynaston made from our run on Saturday… : (I feature quite a bit from about a minute in… or at least the back of me does!)

Run: 5M, 45:51, Pace: 9:10, Calories: 320
Ave HR: 131 (69%), Max HR: 146 (77%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.6

Here’s the comparision of this weeks run, compared to last weeks run:

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