To buy Trail shoes or not??

Ok… here it is… not so long ago (Autumn / Winter 2010) … in regards to running on the West Highland Way… I distinctly remember thinking and writing something along the lines of… 

‘I won’t need trail shoes.  I’ll just run trails in my Saucony Paramounts.’  

Since then I’ve bought two pairs of Saucony Paramounts with the idea of: 

  • One pair for week day / short road runs / gym work.
  • One pair for long runs and trail runs along the West Highland Way. 

The idea being that one pair will get a little wrecked and dirty running on the West Highland Way.

(See my Saucony Paramounts I used from October to December on the West Highland Way – washed multiple times: wrecked and stinky within about 3 months). 

Common sense perhaps tells me that trail shoes will be better for the trails… if that’s the case then, my trainers could be: 

  • Saucony Paramount ones for week day / short road runs / gym work…
  • Saucony Paramount twos for long road runs…
  • Trail trainers for trail runs on the WHW… 

So which ones?  On Sunday I sneaked off to Run 4 It and tried on a number of Inov 8 trail trainers.  Shhhhh!  I tried on a number of pairs, none quite fitting perfectly.  I know what size I am, and I think I know what I’m after. 

I’ve been recommended these by a friend: 

Inov 8 Roclite 275 GTX

Goretex, light, comfortable, all of the customer reviews (on Wiggle) seem very positive (4.6 out of 5).

Run 4 It didn’t have them in stock when I was there the other day, but they’ve ordered me a pair to try on, and I’m going to go along and see what they’re like.

 Now, what to do??!!  Do I get them or not!!?

And as if to persuade me (and you)… this is what my fellow runner Cris said when I asked him: 

Absolutely, 100%, get the Inov8s. I’m onto my 4th pair of Roclites. I have the durable orange 315s for training ones and lighter red 275s for racing
 Awesome trail shoes. You won’t regret it!
The grip is awesome. The construction is solid. They build confidence.
The Gortex will keep you dry (within reason). The only downside is they wont let the water out quite as the same shoes without gortex. (Think The Mighty Deer Stalker river crossing.) With no gortex mesh shoes the water can run out and your feet can dry. Inov8 are an amazing UK company.  


PS: Don’t mention my Saucony Kinvaras (2011) or my Saucony Type As (2009) which I use mainly for speedwork either please….lol … or my Saucony Progrid Xodus trail shoes (2010) which didn’t workout for me. Ahem. :-O

Womens Saucony ProGrid Xodus

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2 Responses to To buy Trail shoes or not??

  1. Debs M-C says:

    I’ve already tried to post this, so sorry if the comment is posted twice.

    Here’s a bargain for you…

    I’ve got both – the green ones above and the orange ones. Don’t bother with gore-tex, as your feet get we anyway!

    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks Debs… the orange ones would be ideal I think, but they aren’t available in my size… I tried on the green ones at lunch and they were good – except for half a size too small I think… and the price (!!) We’ll see. ta for your tips x

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