First long run of 2012 on the West Highland Way

I’m doing my first long run on the West Highland Way on Saturday. 

The weather isn’t meant to be too nice (maybe rain, 6-7’C), however I plan to run the first bit on my own from Rowardennan, then I’m going to meet a group of runners who are (on a training weekend) running from Balmaha to Inversnaid.  

Here’s my plan for Saturdays long run on the West Highland Way: 

Before 7am: Leave Glasgow.
8am: Arrive at Rowardennan.
It should still be dark, but the sun will be rising.
Just after 8am: Run south along the West Highland Way towards Balmaha.
9:45-10am: Get to Balmaha / meet the runners coming towards Rowardennan.
10am: Run back towards Rowardennan (with the other runners).
(I can run beyond Rowardennan if I want, then back to my car if there’s time).

I plan to be running for between 3:30 to 4 hours, so I’ll plan to be back to the car between 11:30 to 12. 

 I’ve walked all of the route on that stretch and run (and walked) some of the route from Rowardennan north. Of what I remember it’s really pretty. We’ll see if I think that on Saturday. 😉

It’ll be nice to meet other runners on the route and share the run. 🙂

If I remember the route correctly, there’s a nice forrest stretch and a part alongside the road, all of which I liked.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Now… what to wear… ?  😉

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