Wk3 – 2.5M beaten by the Dreadmill

Wednesday night and I got beaten by the Dreadmill tonight.

My plan was a rather ambitious 7 miles on the treadmill, 1 mile warm up, then 4 repeats of 1 mile speedwork with 0.25 mile recoveries, then 1 mile cool down.

I managed one interval. Then decided it wasn’t for me tonight. :-/

It’s partly to do with it being at night time and partly to do with it being on the treadmill.

I stood on the only free treadmill when I started. I was sandwiched between a guy running fast, pounding the belt, and a woman just pounding the belt really loudly with her feet. I was tempted to turn around and head straight back out. But didn’t.

I started running and even with my music full blast I could hear and feel the pounding. Arg.

I managed 4k / 2.5 miles. Mmmm. I think I’ll keep it for another day. Maybe Friday morning before work? Maybe less distance for the speed work.

Run: 2.5 miles, 22 mins (incl 0.25M walk), calories: 200.
Ave HR: 161, Max HR: 193?

Nevermind. I came home to a really good dinner. 🙂


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1 Response to Wk3 – 2.5M beaten by the Dreadmill

  1. ambelspeus says:

    For me there’s nothing more beautiful than listening to my feet pounding the ground, and the breath and the sounds of life while I run. What’s more, I can’t conceive listening to music while doing something so exciting! 🙂

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