Wk3 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

After missing my run with Gill on Monday morning (due to lack of sleep on Sunday night) I’d arranged to meet her on Tuesday morning to do our 5 mile loop instead.  I felt ok, if a little tired when I woke up, but didn’t feel many ill effects from the run and Bodypump on Monday night. 

I met Gill at 6:30 and we ran the 5 miles in just over 46:30.  I let Gill carry the pace, and she did well in starting off steady for the first two miles, then increased her pace progressively over the last 3 miles.  The second mile has a bit of an uphill in it, so she did well to keep her pace pretty steady from the first mile.

Although it wasn’t her fastest 5 miles we’ve done together (it wasn’t far off), but it was very well paced and a good run. She said she felt good about it too.

On the run, about 4 miles in I got a really strange tight feeling in my biceps… obviously my arms rebelling after Bodypump last night.  I loosened them off (swinging them by my sides) and kept running.  During the run there were no signs of the previous hip flexor strain or whatever it was that I was feeling, and I was pleased that the rest seemed to have beaten it. 

Directly after the run I felt ok, but when I got back to the flat I felt knackered – and just wanted to go back to bed!!  I think I’m still tired from not getting enough sleep on Sunday night.  My biceps, triceps, neck and oddly enough my hip flexors felt really sore as I was getting ready for work. 😦 

So I’ve decided I’m going to (miss my swim and) have an early night tonight and get some sleep to help my body rest and recover.  I know this feeling, and sleep should hopefully fix me.  🙂  I’ve learned to listen to my body, and right now it’s shouting at me to catch up with some well needed sleep! 

Run: 5M, 46:35, Pace: 9:18  Calories: 374
Ave HR: 137 (72%), Max HR: 153 (81%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.8

Two Week Food Test continued…

Day 9 of the Two week food test…. and I had something different for breakfast today:

Smoked Haddock and tomatoes! 

It was well nice (although it did make the flat a bit stinky after it was cooked).  🙂 

A definate breakfast keeper for after this two week food test.  I’m seeing some pretty positive results from the food test which I’ll share with you when I summarise the test at the end of the two week period. 🙂

Revised Training Plan Week 3…

Here’s the revised training plan for this week (3):

Mon: AM Rest, PM: 3.1M Speedwork, Bodypump (Upper strength workout for the week)
Tue: AM 5M easy, PM: Rest – long SLEEP/ early night
Wed: AM Circuits, PM: 7M (easy or) intervals
Thu: AM Lower weights, PM: 4-5M steady
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4 hour run
Sun: Rest, possibly swim / Teach Swimming

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