Days 3 & 4 of Two Week Food test

Day 3 went pretty well for the Two Week Food test for me.  Wednesday, I’d done some training in the morning and decided I needed some milk at breakfast to keep me going (not on the list, but I’m having it).  It seemed to stave off hunger pangs until a more reasonable time at around 10 or 1030am. 

I had scrambled eggs and tomatoes again for breakfast.  The day went fine and I had plenty of food to keep me going.

It’s making me think long and hard about what I want to eat on a regular basis.  Sure I’ll probably still have my treats and the odd chinese meal and chippy, but I’m maybe going to change the staple things in my diet: from chicken wrap to a salad for lunch, from a bagel to carrot sticks for 11sies.

Anyway Day 4, Thursday, I did a gym session in the morning, and had another glass of milk with breakfast.  It too seemed to keep me satisfied for longer.

I had a good salad at lunch again, and fruit in the afternoon (apple) along with pepperoni, cheese and tomatoes.  Although walking home, I had my first craving for a Mars bar this week.  Arg.

Sometimes when I’m hungry or want to eat, I just grab a mars bar to satisfy me.  When I eat a mars bar / snickers bar (I feel) that I get an instant kick off it.  And don’t tend to notice any ‘crash’.  Because of the amount of training I do, I don’t tend to feel guilty that I’ve eaten a mars bar either.  I see it more as a healthy varied part of my diet.  It helps me to ‘work, rest and play’… ahem.  😉

marsbars high up

Anyway, I got home, and got straight into making dinner (Chicken and pancetta stir fry… which actually wasn’t particularly tasty). 

As you may know, I’ve stashed all of my chocolate snacks high out of reach, and on Thursday I didn’t go for them. 

We had dinner, then after dinner, Fit Girl was craving chococlate.  She went to the fridge and got her Twix out. She then took a Mars bar down and offered me it.

I declined! She kept on asking me if I wanted one… and I said no.  I managed to resist.  I think I had a glass of milk later…

Then I come to my lunch bag this morning, and what do I find?  That’s right… the damn mars bar that had been flaunted in front of my face for half an hour the night before!! 

I put it back high up where it belongs and filled my lunch bag up with a salad for lunch and some veg / fruit snacks.

Few. I survived my first craving without caving in.  Even with peer pressure!

Now I’m wondering how I’m going to survive the weekend… and the next WEEK on this (without the usual things I eat, including chocolate!)!?

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  1. bearrunner says:

    Everyone has to cheat at some point, if not, a person would good nuts


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