Wk2 – Total Immersion Swim Session 1

I got into the pool at 1730 sharp tonight. Wednesday night, I should have remembered that the Glasgow Swim Team is in on Wednesday nights, using three of the six lanes. The other three lanes are set up for lane swimming.

It was way busy!! 5-6 people in each lane. Arg.

I got in the medium lane to do my first set of drills:

Total Immersion Swim Session 1

2 x 25 BC kick, arms by side.
2 x 25 Kick on side, arms by side
2 x 25 Kick on side, under arm extended
2 x 25 Active balance, 3 counts on left side, 3 counts on right side 4 x 25 Skate
4 x 25 Underskate
4 x 25 Zipperskate

5 x 200m FC Descend: 3:28, 3:39, 3:40, 3:43, 3:46.

Stroke Development
50m Zipperskate 50m FC swim
50m Double Zipperskate 50m FC swim
50m Triple Zipperskate 50m FC swim

Cool down
200m FC pull / BC swim 50s

The drills were good and I think I’ll get used to them. I’ll check on you tube to make sure I’ve got them right.

I managed to get the hang of my Speedo Aquacoach watch. But it’s a bit rubbish that it doesn’t time the drills. I’ll try it timing the drills next time I think, see if I can get it to work for them.

Total Immersion Swim Session 1:
2500m, 46:37, 500 calories.

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