Day 2 Two Week Food Test

Day 2 on the Two Week Food Test was surprisingly ok.  I ate the same sorts of things as I did on day 1, plus a banana before my spin workout(s) at night.  (I’ve read that bananas are a no no as they contain a lot of carbs, and that maybe small ones are ok… and I’m thinking… mmm… carbs in a small banana that’ll help keep me going in my spin class without hunger pangs. Lol )

So far I’ve had a banana and milkshakes (and other fruits) which aren’t on the food list, but I’m more than comfortable having them as you are meant to do the test when you are not training, and I am training quite a bit. So I’m compensating for it by eating a lot of what I can eat, and eating a few of what I’m not allowed to eat.  At least I’ve not succumbed to the mars bar… yet. 😉 (they’re well out of reach lol).

I’m allowing myself to have other fruits (pear, cherries, berries, mango) as well so that I get some sort of carbs to fuel my exercise (and keep my bowels in working order?!).

I am missing porridge, and wholemeal toast, but a success from all of this is the salad I’m having for lunch.  It’s very tasty!  I think I’ll keep that one up instead of a chicken wrap.

I’m keeping a food diary of what I’m eating but I won’t bore you with it… (see this page for what foods I’m allowed).  I guess it’s more low carb, than no carb, and it’s really making me think about what I’m eating (which is the point of it, hopefully).

Here are a few pics of some of what I’ve had so far anyway:

Scrambled Eggs (2) and Tomatoes (breakfast)

Salad (lunch)
Lettuce, rocket, egg, tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, ham, cheese, caesar dressing.

Homemade Lentil Soup (dinner – plus a salad)

 (Plus lots of snacks and water in between!)

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