Getting Started 10k Training Plan

Never get easier.If you’re thinking of starting running or you’ve entered your first 10k event, this Training Plan could be just what you need to kick start your running.

Starting out running

We’ve all had to start running at some point, and it can be hard work.  The first few weeks can leave you feeling breathless as you run, and you’re usually forced to take some walking breaks between your runs.

When I started out running, I ran on the treadmill and built my running time up from 5 minutes, up to 10 and 15 minutes.  Then I managed to do 20 minutes non stop, and I felt great!

Then I tried running for 20 minutes non stop, had a recovery walk for 5 minutes and ran for another 20 minutes.  And from that point, there was no going back.  I reduced the amount of time I would walk for and within a few weeks I could run for 45 minutes non stop! It was hard work, but I managed it.

I was careful about my pace, and made sure I didn’t start out or run too fast on my runs.  Then I was taken out running by a friend on my first ‘long’ 60 minute run.

We did 6 miles and I remember thinking on the last mile, when will this end?  But it did. And I’d managed to run for an hour non stop! I was delighted.

Since then I’ve run thousands of miles, my longest being 33.33 miles (so far).

I ran my first:

For any distance, you just need to put in the training and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  You’ll get there, whether it’s for 5k, 10k, a half marathon, marathon or further. 🙂

15 week 10k Training Plan

Here’s a simple running plan which can get you from zero to 60 minutes of running in around 15 weeks, culminating in a 10k event on the last day of the plan.

Getting Started 10k Training Plan (Excel)

Weeks 1-5:
Walk / run: Aim to run for 30 minutes non stop by the end of the 5 weeks.

Weeks 6-10:
Run:  Aim to run for 45-60 minutes non stop by the end of week 10.
Map routes using

Weeks 11-15:
Run: Aim to run 60 minutes non stop (increase time if you want to).
Try and run some or all of the route you will be doing in your event.
Consider the pace / time you want to get for the 10k and practice at that pace on some runs.
Try speedwork if you want, Intervals or Tempo runs.

If you want to, you can cross train on two or 3 other days (ie: swim, cycle, body pump, circuits, gym classes), or add in another run of short or medium duration.

On the Excel spreadsheet, you can enter the date you want to start, or change it to suit when your event will be, and start from there.  If there are a few weeks extra in your schedule, just start off as normal and repeat the last few weeks if you need to.

Feel free to start out running on the treadmill, but once you get your running up to speed (and once Spring comes in) try running outdoors.  (I think) It’s a much better experience.

If it helps, run with a friend to increase your motivation and help take away any thoughts of wanting to stop or not being able to do it as you run.  It’s surprising how much talking whilst running can take your mind off the little negative thoughts, niggles and pains that running can sometimes bring.

Take your time running and build it up slowly.  You’ll be able to do a 10k no bother. 🙂

For a list of running events…go here: Scottish Running Guide or here: Entry Central.

Have you just taken up running and want to stick to doing your workouts, but too many things are getting in the way? Check out this post:  Get up and go…. stick to your runs.

For more information on starting out running, go to the beginner section of my blog (or the Run drop down above). Enjoy!

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