Wk2 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

Monday morning, week 2 of my training.  I was keen to see if I would still feel the niggle in my hip flexor (I felt a strong niggle there on Saturday night after the torture of the hills and wind at Julie Anns). 😉

It was strangely quite warm this morning… an almost tropical 9’C! It’s still damn dark though!  Hurry up Spring time!

I met Gill at Bella at 6:30 and we did our usual 5 mile route.  She hasn’t been exercising for a few weeks over Christmas so she admitted she might be a bit slower than she had been.  The pace was fine and Gill was chatting a lot.  The main thing was that she didn’t push herself and she kept her pace pretty steady.  And a nice wee recovery run for me. 🙂

I noticed the niggle in my hip flexor after about 10 minutes of running.  Grrrr. I guess that’s where an easy rest week (where I do less running) is going to come in handy.  It niggled for most of the way around, but it wasn’t too painful.  And it’s fine now. Very odd.

Oh and I was back swimming teaching on Sunday night… 20 minutes into my first lesson, I’d lost my voice.  lol. Oops.

Run: 5M, 48:52, Pace: 9:46, Calories: 300
Ave HR: 127 (67%), Max HR: 142 (75%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.2

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