Two Week Food Test – Day 1

Hungry.  That’s what I was this morning.  Day 1 of this Two Week Food Test and I feel like I’m having to eat more regularly to keep myself from feeling hungry.

This is not a diet where I am trying to lose weight – in fact if I start losing weight, I’m going to stop or amend what I eat.  This is a test to try to get me to think more about what I’m eating and hopefully get me eating more healthily.  To try new things and to change away from sweet and refined foods. But I was barely 3 hours in and I was already thinking that cutting carbs out is horrible.  lol

This morning I had two scrambled eggs with a tomato.  I was more or less forcing it down.  It didn’t really taste nice.  It didn’t really taste of anything. It just wasn’t satisfying, but I knew I needed breakfast.

All I was thinking was that it would probably have been nicer and more satisfying on two large slabs of wholemeal toast…;-)  I’ll maybe include more bacon tomorrow or something. 

I walked to work just before 9, and could already feel hunger pangs.  The slow release energy I usually get from porridge wasn’t there.  So when I got into work I had a bagful of carrot sticks, and since then I’ve eaten a bundle of cherries too. Plus lots of water.  I was having doubts as to whether I would be able to do this (with the amount I train).

But then lunchtime came along.  I’d made myself quite a big salad, with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, ham, cheese and a sliced hard boiled egg (with a drizzle of Caesar salad dressing)… and it was yummy!!  Lets just hope it keeps me full!  If not, I’ve got plenty to keep me going this afternoon.  The key for this two week food test for me, is to keep eating and not be hungry!   🙂

At the moment I could easily be converted to having one of these salads a day instead of a chicken wrap. 🙂  This (salad) is probably a success of this test already. I don’t think I’d like to eat it all the time, but it’s certainly a good option for lunch at work.

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1 Response to Two Week Food Test – Day 1

  1. ambelspeus says:

    I totally agree. Often we just eat what we fancy and not what we really need. Is my first day of training for the MK Marathon, Lorn, and apart from the apple I eat this morning I’m wondering where the heck are my vegs! In part, that’s why I like more the springtime and summer season, because I have a natural apetite for salads, fruits and greens that seems to vanish in winter.

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