Wk1 – 17.3M hilly in the wind and rain with ja

I had planned on doing about 20 mile this weekend, but when the opportunity to run less distance over hills with Julie Ann came along I thought that would be a good idea. We ended up doing just over 17 miles out at Houston / Bishopton / Kilmacolm.

The first time I did the hills out there with ja it was really foggy, so you couldn’t see the hills. Saturday was a bit different. A clear, sunny day – with rain on the horizon, we could see for miles. There was the occasional massive grey cloud and rain shower, and the wind was crazy at parts.  I like running with Julie Ann though, you always get a good chat and at points she can make me laugh so much my cheeks hurt.  She knows that she likes and what she doesn’t like and she says it.  🙂

Foggy view in January 2010

When I got to Houston at 9 it had just started pouring. We knew we’d be out for a while so we thought it’d be sensible to wait until the worst of the shower went off. 15 minutes we waited, then the skies seemed to brighten up as the rain cloud passed over. We would usually run in the rain, but if we could choose to delay the run by 10-15 minutes and not get rained on, that would be preferred.

As usual we had a good chat, and ram mainly on B roads (I think). We passed a few cars but not many. The weather was such (rainy at parts) that every now and again a nice little rainbow would appear in the distance. They always make me smile and remind me of my Granny, which makes me smile even more. 😀 lovely.

We were up one hill, down, up another, down, then about 6 or 7 miles in we came to a part of the route which seemed to be exposed to the wind coming east from the Clyde. It was relentless. Miles 8 to about 11 were hard work. Pace was out the window, as was chat at some point. It’s hard to describe how the wind can knock you so much when you are running, especially the wind that comes off the Clyde!!

By the time the second big hill came I could feel the top of my thighs being sore, and ja was saying her calves were getting it. All of these hills were hard work, but good. I believe I was swearing quite a bit at points. 😉

After about 11 or 12 miles we got to Kilmacolm and decided we’d opt to run along the (rather flat, straight, boring) cycle path. We could have gone over more hills, and I would have been ok with it, but we decided after the wind and rain we’d faced we would take it a bit easier towards the end.

The sun was splitting the sky and bouncing off the path. We passed a few walkers and dogs on the path, and ended up back at ja’s at around 12 o’clock.

I tried something new with my energy, ate my porridge as for breakfast, along with a lucozade, then a gel before the run. On the run I just took on water (in 2:45). Then had a milkshake and another lucozade when I finished.

It all seemed to do the job and I might try to take on less energy gels as I run and see how I get on.

I felt fine after the run. I’d worn enough clothes to keep me warm (even in the wind and rain): 3/4 length shorts, compression top, Tshirt and long sleeved top, cap, buff on my neck and buff over my ears, gloves on and off.

As we were finishing this lovely big rainbow graced us with it’s presence….. 🙂 Nice to see you looking out for me Granny. 😉

Later on Saturday night we were out and I noticed I felt like I’d strained a my left hip flexor muscle and was finding it hard to walk! It’s Sunday now and the pain is no longer there, but it was a little odd. One to watch out for over the next few weeks.

We went food shopping for the two week food test yesterday. It was quite interesting not buying all the usual stuff and limiting ourselves to the foods on the list. More chicken, fish, meat, cheese, salad, fruit, veg, less crap and no milk. 😉 The next two weeks should be interesting.

I’ve put my ‘sweetie box’ full of mars bars and snickers well out of reach… I might need to have it hidden from me though. 😉

Run: 17.3M, 2:50, Pace: 9:44, Calories: 1,074.
Ave HR: 141 (74%), Max HR: 159 (84%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.1

Ps: Well done to my big brother Neil who (reads my blog every now and again and) ran a ‘Cadburys marathon’ out in Oz today, (where he lives) in 2:38, not bad for an old man. ;-). (Cadburys sponsored it, and it was a running event, not a chocolate eating marathon) 😉

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