Training Plan Wk2

Training in week 1 didn’t go exactly to plan… a little more rest than planned, and a little less strength work… but I was still sort of on holiday, so I took week 1 as an easy week.  🙂

Here’s what was planned against what I did for Week 1:

Mon: Planned: 5 mile run, plus Lower weights.
Did: 5 mile run.  Didn’t do weights as the gym was closed.
Tue:  Planned: Swim.
Did: Rest day… still on holiday mode, and wanted to get this swim plan together.
Wed: Planned: Circuits & 7 miles of hills.
Did:  3.6 miles (40 mins) of hills, then Bodypump.
(I think I made up for the lack of hills on Saturday… 17 miles of hills!)
Thu: Planned: Upper weights, Run 5M.
Did: Rest day, life got in the way and the gym was closed for refurb.
Fri:   Rest.
Sat: Planned 20 miles local.
Did: 17.3M hills in the wind with ja.

Week 2 should be a bit better, fully back to it:

Mon: AM 5M easy run, PM Bodypump
Tue: PM Spin and Swim
Wed: AM Circuits, PM Tempo 5M run (at 7:26 ish?)
Thu: AM: Lower/Upper weights, PM Run, Swim or rest.
Fri: Rest
Sat: Long walk, not sure where yet.
Sun: Rest.

This will be my 6th week of strength work…  and although I had a few weeks off it over Christmas, I’m keen to get back into it. I’m going to do a session of Bodypump and a spin session for cross training this week too.  Mix it up a bit 🙂

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