Long run plans and excuses excuses

 This week didn’t exactly go to plan, but I’m still kind of in holiday mode and don’t want to rush back to training to quickly. 😉 

(my training is of course important, but my rest, washing machine and swimming lessons are too! 😛 )

On Tuesday night our washing machine packed in, so with a new one getting delivered on Friday, I spent Thursday night getting the old one disconnected and moved out of its home. It, along with getting ready for the swimming lessons on Sunday were great excuses reasons to not go  for a run or a weights workout (or both).

Plus my usual gym is closed just now for a refit so I’d need to have gone to the Gorbals. I could and probably should have gone out a run this morning, but bed was more appealing.  🙂  Enough excuses. 😛

Anyway, I’m doing my first long run of 2012 tomorrow (Saturday). I was going to do 20 miles, but at short notice I’ve arranged to run with Julie Ann at hers out at (the rather hilly) Houston.

 We’ll do between 16-20 miles of hills I think. I don’t mind if we do 16 ish (and not 20) as the hills should make up for it, and the chat is always good. 

This is the sort of route and elevation we did last year in training for the Lochaber marathon…

I’m going to try something different with my energy… I’m going to take 1 gel with me, and my water pack, and drink a lucozade before and after I run.  See how that affects my energy levels.  I’ll of course have a good breakfast of porridge etc.

 The weather is meant to be ok – cold maybe 3-5’C, but clear, not raining and not icy, fingers crossed.  I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

And PS: I’m really hungry today… not sure why as I ate like a horse yesterday and didn’t do much exercise (3-4 rest days this week)… mmm… hope I’m not hungry next week!! (If so I’ll just have to eat what I’m allowed – and lots of it!)

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2 Responses to Long run plans and excuses excuses

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Well, that route will certainly get the heart rate up pretty quickly!
    Forgot to say, on Christmas Eve I pretty much did the same distance, at the same pace, in the same area. Not wearing shorts and a santa hat though!

    • lornpearson says:

      I like being taken on new routes by other people, although that day I remember we got slightly lost (it was meant to be a 13 mile run…)

      It’s a small world… and I didn’t see you… mind you that might be because of my occasional blurry vision. 😛 If you want some company or chat on any runs, just let me know and I’ll pop along where ever. 🙂

      I can’t decide whether to wear shorts or not tomorrow… 😕 I’m thinking it might be colder out in the sticks so maybe 3/4s will do.

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