Out with the old…

New Year… new stuff, new me and all that… 😉  The other day I decided my stinky Saucony Paramounts had seen better days and decided to chuck them. 

I say stinky because I’ve hand washed them (jn the sink) maybe 8 or 10 times, and let them dry naturally (or near the radiator – tut tut!)… and now whenever they get wet – they STINK! 

(Might I add, my trainers don’t normally stink, I think it’s just because I washed them so much… if that makes sense!)

The soles are pretty worn, although I’ve no idea how many miles I’ve done in them, or when I got them! (Maybe September ?….infact, looking back, it looks like it was October before this run… 24.5M Glasgow to Milngavie)  I’ve maybe run about 350 miles in them… and I’d usually say a pair should last for 500 miles… the  washing seems to have wrecked them though. 😦

I got a new pair from Santa for Christmas, and as I like to have two pairs to switch between, I’ve ordered a new pair (half price from http://www.sportsshoes.com/)

Time to ditch the old ones and start the New Year and new training with new trainers!  I’m going to use one pair for long runs, and the other pair for all other runs and other workouts. 😀

And… I have a bit of bad news… the other night my washing machine started making a rather disturbing clunking noise as it was doing a wash.  The clothes washed ok, but the drum is away in the inside and I’ve had to buy a new one. 😦 (Great timing just after Christmas, and just after I spent £150 in the sales on other stuff… oops)

But here’s the really bad news… the damn thing chose to eat one of my favourite running socks!!  My blue nike running socks that I got from San Fransisco… and haven’t seen anywhere else to buy… were partly melted to the inside of the drum!  😦

At first I thought it was just at the ankle part of the sock, but then I realised there was a part on the heel melted too. 😦

I know this sounds a bit funny, but these socks have been everywhere with me.  They’ve done marathons and long runs.  They’re different and they match my trainers…lol.  And I can’t find another pair like them.

I think they will have to go, along with the shoes, to running heaven.  (I had considered ‘mending them’, with use of another sock, wonda web and thread, but Fit Girl slapped me about the head when I suggested that… lol). 

Plus they are getting a bit worn and I have hundreds of other pairs of running socks!

Do you have gear that you love so much you’d be devastated if you lost it / your washing machine ate it?

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2 Responses to Out with the old…

  1. bearrunner says:

    My runners always smell… haaha

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