Wk1 – 40 minutes of hills then Bodypump Express

I had a rather optimistic 7 miles of hills planned this morning, but I arranged to run with Jackie before her body pump class, and as it was the first hill session of the year, I decided it would be good to make it between 30 – 60 minutes long.  45 minutes would be ideal to allow Jackie to go to Bodypump.  And I thought I’d join her.

I used to do Bodypump once a week at the start of 2010 and whilst I think it’s a good workout, there’s not much point in just going once.  You need to really sign up to it once (or more) a week for it to do some work.  It’s tough going and you need to make sure you put the right  weight on (the lighter the better usually).

Maybe I’ll start it up again this year if I can find a class time to suit me.

Anyway, this morning hills were in Bellahouston Park:

  • A wee warm up run around the track,
  • 5 times up and down the stairs,
  • 5 times up and over the hill,
  • Over to the slight hill next to the ski slope (x3)
  • 4 times up and down the steep hill.
    (there was a fallen tree at the bottom which meant we couldn’t run all the way down to the bottom… 🙂

We needed to be back to Bella for about 10am for Bodypump, so we finished after 40 minutes of hills.  Jackie is just getting back to fitness after being ill for a while so she found it pretty tough.

Run: 3.58M, 40:34, Pace: 11:03, Calories: 387.
Ave HR: 147 (77%), Max HR: 176 (93%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.4

I got another pretty hill graph… 😉

After that it was Bodypump with Lorraine.  I made the rookie mistake of putting too much weight on for the warm up and got a row. lol.  And then apparently I had too much on for the back track too.  Oh well.

I did the following:

WARM UP – 5kg
LEGS – 7.5kg
CHEST – 5kg
BACK – 7.5kg
TRICEPS – 3.5kg
BICEPS – 3.5kg
I’ve worked harder and did think perhaps I’d have been better off doing my own weights workout instead.

Bodypump: 45 mins, 215 calories.
Ave HR: 113, Max HR: 139, Garmin Training Effect: 1.6.

After my hard work this morning we went out for lunch at Otto on Byres Road.  They do a reasonable and good 2 or 3 course meal for £11 or £13.  🙂  I had cream of vegetable soup to start, then pollock with chirizo risotto, then couldn’t resist this to finish off.  Back to eating a bit better from tomorrow!  😛

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