Training Plan Wk1

This week is the first week of my training for the Highland Fling.  It’s been a week off work up to now (I’m back to work on Thursday morning… boooooo – but at least it’s only for two days).  I’ve still been kind of on holiday mood, so I’m not sticking to the training plan (below) too rigidly.

And Bella gym is closed so I haven’t done any weights work this week yet.

Here’s the plan for this week including the fact I’m on holiday Monday – Wednesday:

MON: 5.1M Queens Park  (Easy)
TUE: Rest day
WED: 40 minutes of hills then Bodypump Express
THU: AM 5M easy/tempo, PM: Lower Weights (Gorbals)
FRI: Rest
SAT: 20 miles (route to be confirmed)
SUN: Back to swimming teaching.

It’ll mean I’ve missed a swim and maybe a weights workout (plus the Circuits I normally do in a week), but I’m thinking that’s ok as I’m still on holidays.  Bodypump will have counted towards a sort of strength workout today.

And I have a plan to create some new swim workouts based on Terry Laughlin’s Total Immersion swim techniques.  Watch this space!  So I’ll maybe get back into the pool once I’ve got them together.

Oh and I’m open to suggestions for a 18-22 mile route for Saturday…. 🙂 (from the centre of Glasgow / G5 8RE)

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