Wk52 – I ran 1,300 miles in 2011!

Phew… that was hard.  I had aimed to do 10.8 miles (after running a marathon yesterday) but didn’t have a route so ended up doing 11.25 miles.  If I was really OCD I would have rounded it up again or definitely stopped at 10.8 miles… but I figured I got to 1,300 miles this year and I wasn’t going to stop at 10.8 miles when I was half a mile from home.

Here’s me… you wouldn’t miss me anyway. 😉

It was a pretty tough run.  My legs were tired and not really responding…but they knew how to go one after the other so that’s all that really matters.

I guess that’s what endurance is all about.  Going that extra mile when your legs are like jelly and you know it’s hard.  I’m sure I’ll see a bit more of this in 2012.

Anyway, I’ve done my 1,300 miles for 2011… a bit of a push at the end, and I wished I’d maybe realised in early December so that I didn’t need to make a mad dash for the finish today.  🙂  Nevermind. Challenge complete!

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, eh?  😉

Have a good New Year and I’ll see you in 2012!

Run: 11.25M, 1:36, Pace: 9:04, Calories: 1,000.
Ave HR: 148 (78%), Max HR: 168 (82%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.6

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5 Responses to Wk52 – I ran 1,300 miles in 2011!

  1. ambelspeus says:

    Good lord Lorn. Exactly, how many marathons have you run on 2011? I mean excluding races. Just the thought of doing a 26.2 miler for fun sends shivers down my spine! I consider my two-hour run at the weekend quite a killer session actually…


  2. lornpearson says:

    Hey Sergio, I’ve built up to where I am. 🙂 And I kind of think now, that we are possible of anything, we just need to try. 😀 (I’ve emailed you).

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