Wk52 – Last Marathon of 2011

Today, as planned, I ran 26.2 miles; my third marathon of this year (plus I did 27, 31 and 33.33 mile runs this year too).

I got up just before 7am. It was still dark. I had porridge and milk, then my usual multivitamins, omega 3/6/9 and medication for my toe. I wore my tight warm black North Face top, white Asics long sleeve top and my purple Nike tempo shorts. I possibly could have done with knee length shorts, but I figured if it rained I might be better off in shorts. I also wore my white cap (god send) and two buffs.

I started out at just before 7:40am. Along to Glasgow Green, London Road, High St, George St, George Square (pretty). Up the hill of Buchanan St and along Sauchihall St at just before 8am. I found it surprising to find how many people were about on Sauchihall St. (esp the ones queuing outside M & S for their Steak Pies presumably?).

I ran up Park Gardens (is it?) and ended up having to run up the steep steps. Ouch. 😉 Downhill to Woodlands, then up to Great Western Road. I was about 6 miles in and it was finally light. I took on a gel.

Along to Hyndland Rd and a good downhill at last! It seemed like I was just climbing and climbing all the time. Down Byres Rd, past the old transport museum and down to the BBC.

It was 9am as I crossed the Bells Bridge and passed a colleague who was going to work. 😉 hee hee.

Over to Nithsdale Rd, and over to the rather stinky Allison St. Indian food. Boak. Remind me not to run along that street again!!

I was actually quite warm up to about 2 hours / 14 miles in when the cold driving rain attacked me, and made my quads feel like frozen bricks. Not nice. It managed to happen just as I was about to climb the rather steep Prospecthill Road, so it felt like I was getting kicked from both sides.

I managed to keep going and got to Bellahouston to meet Twinkle Toes, Julie Ann and a few others. 18.5 miles in, just over 2.5 hours (as planned). There were 6 of us in total. Instead of the usual 6 mile loop de loop, we decided we’d run along Paisley Rd West and around in a loop.

I ran with Julie Ann and Wallace and i really enjoyed her patter. Going from slagging off Scottish peoples diet, fat people, smokers and ginger men. (sorry to any fat people or ginger men reading this!!) 😉 She does make me laugh and it made me realise I’ve missed our long runs. 🙂

We were running slower than I had been, but I didn’t mind as I was glad of the company. I had a feeling the route we were doing would be longer than 6 miles, and I was right, but we finished at Bella right on 26.2 miles for me so I was pleased with that. 🙂

I’d taken on 4 sis caffeine gels (@ 6, 12, 18 and 22 miles), and felt ok at the end. I did have the option of running the 2 miles home (and could have done) but decided with two offers of lifts home I should be sensible and take one of the offers up. 🙂

I stretched a bit before getting in Jackie’s car, then got a lift home. It was all over by noon.

I had a chocolate milkshake and cherry lucozade for afters, and jumped in the shower as soon as I could. My lips were blue again, so i made sure I tried to warm up. Luckily I did. We went to Coia’s for dinner and I had a rather tasty and juicy sirloin steak with a poached egg, onions and veg. 🙂 then I had a McDonalds strawberry milkshake later for afters. Yum!! 🙂

Now, if I can make it tomorrow, I have 10.8 miles to run tomorrow to get my annual total to 1,300 miles. :-O. I wish I’d set the 1,300 mile goal a bit earlier than 2 days of this year left!! Lol

I’ll add the garmin details later. (no pics I’m afraid as I didn’t take along my camera, probably best, with the rain!)

Run: 26.2M, 3:45:56, Pace: 8:35, Calories: 2,179.
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 173 (91%), Garmin Training Effect: 4.5

Interesting for me was that I ran the first 18.5 miles on my own in 8:16 min miles, then the remainder 7.7 miles with the others in 9:11 min miles. I might have slowed down anyway, but I was pleased with my pace up to when I met the others anyway. 🙂

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