Wk52 – 5.1M Tempo Queens Park

Wednesday morning and as it’s the only day I’m at work over the Festive Period, I thought I’d squeeze in a wee run before work to get it out of the way.  I didn’t do anything on Tuesday apart from lie in, shop and eat, and lie down a bit more, so I figured I’d better do something on Wednesday. 😉

It wasn’t that cold when I went out, but it was windy, which brought the temperature down a bit.  I wore my usual for this time of year (shorts, compression top, tshirt, cap), but I wished I’d worn a buff.  The wind was damn cold on my ears/neck. 

I started off quite strongly and finished the first km in about 4:30 (average is about 5 min kms on that route).  So I decided I’d try and push it a little – see if I could get a tempo run going. 

Just under a mile in, I got to a cross roads at Maxwell Drive and this stupid driver decided he would continue driving, even though the traffic light he was facing was red.  I hadn’t actually noticed that his light was red, but I noticed him driving forward so more or less stopped in my tracks… then (as he realised the light was red) he stopped to let me run in front of him.  Numpty.

The first mile was done in just under 8 minutes, but by the second mile I was finding it hard to breathe, and with the wind in my face, my pace slowed a bit. It’s also the mile with a slight uphill, so the second mile was slower. I figured I’d try for the odd miles (1,3,5) to pick up the pace.

I picked up the pace in the 3rd mile, and although I thought I’d slowed a little in the 4th (I wasn’t trying as hard)… with the wind behind me and on the little downhill, I managed to maintain my pace.  I picked up a little for the last mile, but forgot my usual route (Morrison St where there was a fire not so long ago) was closed off… so I had to figure out how to get back to the flat without jumping over fencing. 😉 I managed to navigate a route ok, through a small estate and back home.

It felt like a hard workout, but I think it was mainly to do with the wind.  My max heart rate didnt really go all that high, and my average HR was just a few beats higher than the run I did on Monday (flat, a little bit windy, 8:40s).

It was one of my fastest ones on that route, just over 40 minutes – imagine if I’d have run faster on the second mile too!  (lazy bones that I am!)

I need to make sure I’m including speed/tempo workouts into my training in 2012.  It’s so easy to avoid them and just do lots of easy, steady and long runs instead.  I’ll aim to do a speed workout about once a week fingers crossed.

I felt good after today’s run anyway, and ready to start my day at work. 🙂

Run: 5.1M, 40:46, Pace: 7:59, Calories: 403.
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 169 (89%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.7

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