Two week food test

So… I’m not one for diets and I’m not one for restriciting what I eat… but I thought I’d try something new.  New year and all that.  In the last 6 months I’ve changed some of the things I eat, and I’m all together thinking more about what I put into my body (so what I get out – exercise wise – might be better).

I’m in the bad habit of eating the same things most days, and although the things I eat are generally varied, I do have a pattern of having ‘this in the morning’, ‘this for a snack at this time’ and ‘this for a snack at that time’.  I think it’s time to see what different types of food do for me.

My diet is quite carb rich, but (I think) it can be / needs to be as I exercise so much.  After a morning run/exercise I’ve got into the habit of having porridge AND two slices of toast and a glass of milk.  I possibly don’t need to the toast, but it’s become a habit. 🙂

Here’s what I usually have most days:
Porridge, 2x wholemeal toast with jam, glass of milk – breakfast.
Bagel and nutella at half 10am.
Chicken or tuna wrap (plain flour), muller rice – lunch.
Pear or apple – 2:30pm
Pepperoni slices and cheese – 3:30pm
Tracker bar or snack sized mars bar or cashew nuts – 4:30pm
Chicken meal or microwave meal for dinner – 7pm
Pudding – Yoghurt or cereal or something – 7:30pm

Not ideal… 😛 

Now, what I’m thinking is – for one to two weeks – to cut it back to reduce my carb intake and increase my protein and fat intake.  Put simply – it’s for me to stop eating crap and cut it back to basics… eggs, meat, vegetables, nuts and fruit.

I can eat:  
Meat (unprocessed: beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish)
Tomato or carrot juice  
Cooked or raw vegetables (not potatoes or corn)
Nuts, seeds, nut butters  
Oils, vinegars, mayo, salsa, mustard, spices
Coffee, tea, water  
Do not eat:  
Bread, rolls, pasta, pancakes, cereal muffins, chips, crackers, crisps, rice cakes and similar carbohydrate foods
Sweets including foods that contain ketchup, honey, sugar.
Processed meats  
Potatoes, corn, rice, beans.  
Milk, half and half, yoghurt.  
Diet drinks / soda.  

It’ll be quite a shock to the system I think, but it’ll be good to see how I fair without eating bread, milk, pasta and sweets!  I’ll either start it on the 2nd January or the 9th… I’ve still to decide.

A typical days food might look like this:

Boiled Eggs, with bacon & tomato  
Carrot Sticks / Banana    
Tuna salad, with tomatoes, cheese, onions, peppers, nuts.
Apple / Banana      
Fresh meat & Cheese    
Grilled Chicken, peas, brocolli, beans & salad.  
Cherry Tomatoes    

I think I’ll most probably miss my porridge in the morning, and milk and my snacks… but I’ll see if I can do it anyway. 🙂 Then after it I’ll introduce carbs back in and try and make them the healthy ones! (maybe!)

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