Wk52 – 4.95M Boxing Day around Clyde Bridges

Boxing day and I fancied a wee 5 mile run and it so happened that Fit GIrl was going to go a run around the Clyde Bridges so we went for the run in the morning before we did some visiting. 🙂

We usually do 4 miles around the Clyde Bridges, but I got a bit confused and kept going straight on instead of turning left across the bridge which goes up Saltmarket. We continued along to the Adelphi Bridge. It was 9am and it was really windy and a bit cold (not too bad though, and I was wrapped up warm).

But needless to say, we didn’t see many people out, and no runners at all. We did see a man rowing a boat along the Clyde at the Adelphi Bridge and said hello to him. We thought it was odd he was rowing a boat up the Clyde first thing on Boxing day, but he maybe thought the same about us out running. 🙂

I didn’t over indulge too much on Christmas day… but had enough food to last me the day. Breakfast was a yummy bit of toast with a black pudding, bacon and poached egg on top. Yummy and very filling. Then I spent most of the early afternoon roasting a chicken, veg and ham for dinner. It ended up not being the best Christmas dinner I’ve ever had… but it did. Everything was either over or under cooked, but it seemed to go down ok. I’m no chef. 😛 At least the chicken and rice soup for starters and the chocolate pudding was tasty. 🙂

Santa was very good to me. I got lots of (running) tops, a few pairs of shorts, socks (13!!), a few books and my aquacoach watch too. 🙂

Trainers, gloves, swimming costume, shampoo, and a nice frame for my Chicago Half Marathon picture. 🙂


It was windy out and nice to have it at our back as we started, but not the best running into the wind on the North side of the river. Hard work. Despite the winds, Fit Girl managed to keep a very steady pace and her leg only niggled a little towards the end.

I don’t have a photo, but I thought I looked decidedly like an advert for Nike today… my new pink Nike shorts, Nike green top and Nike compression socks (a first for me and they were pretty warm I have to say!). – Lucky my cap, trainers and compression top weren’t Nike too!  😛


A good wee run anyway. 🙂 Nice to get out as we didn’t venture past the front door on Christmas day (not like us as we usually go out for a wee walk at least).

Run: 4.95M, 45:54, Pace: 8:40, Calories: 401.
Ave HR: 149 (78%), Max HR: 166 (87%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.6

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4 Responses to Wk52 – 4.95M Boxing Day around Clyde Bridges

  1. ambelspeus says:

    Good for you Lorn, and for us. It’s always a good source of inspiration to hear about your training!

    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks! It’s been nice taking it easy over Decenber, just sorting out my training plan for early next year. 🙂 x

      • ambelspeus says:

        I bet you’ve got some other marathons in mind for next year :P! I’m going to run the Milton Keynes marathon on the 29th of April, 2012. Just like you I also run around 4 hours a week, but I’d have to be crazy to think in participating in an ultra. The idea sounds tempting, maybe in a few years?

      • lornpearson says:

        Hi, the only thing I have planned for 2012 so far is the Highland Fling – 53 mile ultra on the West Highland Way. I did 1 marathon event in 2011 and another 2 x 26.2 miles, a 31 miler and a 33 miler, so I just fancy something that will challenge me a bit more. There may be the 40 mile Clyde Stride in July I might do too. 🙂 Ultras sound crazy, but if you can run 26.2 miles, you can most probably run 30, 40 or 50 miles, you just need to have the right (training) head and body for it. 🙂 A 5, 6 or even 10 hour run certainly is a thought though!!

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