Wk51 – Christmas Eve 16 miler

I wanted to run long on Christmas Eve morning… it was a Saturday morning when I normally do my long runs and I thought I’d aim for running for around 2 hours.  I didn’t really have a route for once, just thought I’d run and see where I took myself.

I wore my purple nike tempo shorts, white compression top, black nike top and my white cap (and my Santa hat). I wasn’t sure about the shorts as it was probably going to be a bit cold, and wet, but it was ok.  Cold when I went out, but as I got going I was warm up top and as my legs were busy… I was warm enough.

Wearing shorts, I was in the minority though.  In the 2 hours 11 minutes I was running for I saw 29 other runners – and 6 of us (one 5th) were wearing shorts (mostly men).  The weather wasn’t all that bad in fact.  Maybe 7’C with a wind and a bit of rain every now and again, but not too bad.  I was glad of my cap and my Santa hat which kept my ears warm. 😀


I ran up Nithsdale, into Pollok Park, up to Thornlibank, Eastwood and Giffnock then back down to Thornlibank, Pollok Park and home.  It ended up being about 15.6 miles, so I added a wee loop on when I got home to make it up to 16 miles.

It was all going well, especially through miles 9-11 where I was running downhill with the wind behind me… flying I was. lol.  I’ve missed running long. 🙂 x I have to say, it’s much better than doing weights in the gym!!

Mile 12 got a bit rough, running into Pollok Park with the wind and rain in my face and I felt like I needed some water to keep me going (but I’d decided to not run with a water pack).  I had taken some caffeine gels (one at 6 miles / 50 minutes and the other at 12 miles / 100 minutes), but could have done with some water.

I drank a lucozade and mars bar milkshake for afters.  😀

No runno tomorrow on Christmas day, I’ve got too many presents to open and too much food to eat. 😀  And my leggies are a little sore anyway.  I’m not used to running so far, so fast.

I got a good wee score on the Garmin Training Effect... 4.9 – overreaching (and it felt like it!)

Have a good Christmas everyone.  🙂

Run: 16M, 2:10:53, Pace: 8:11, 7.3 mph, Calories: 1,099.
Ave HR: 157 (83%), Max HR:  169 (89%), Garmin Training Effect: 4.9

Total running for the 2011: 1,259 miles. 🙂 (so far…I wonder what I’ll get mileage I’ll get up to by the end of the year…)

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