Wk51 – 4.3M Maxwell Park wi Fit Girl!

Tonight I realised how much I miss running with my good friend ‘Fit Girl’. 😦 As you may already know, my good friend Fit Girl has been struck down with IT band issues which have persisted for almost 2 years now.

She spent a few months recently almost completely off weight bearing activities, only swimming (3-4 times a week) and walking (to work and some walks on the West Highland Way).  But she still gets pain every now and again.

She decided after over 2 months off weight bearing activity that it didn’t seem to be getting any better so she went back to the gym and went back to running, cycling, cross training and weight training.

In the last month, she’s been gingerly attempting to run on the treadmill, and has run for as long as 60 minutes without pain, or for maybe 15 minutes and getting pain.  She’s not keen to run outside as she doesn’t like the thought of getting 2 or 3 miles away from her start point and getting pain and having to walk back.

It’s all very frustrating, but Fit Girl has decided to try to look on the bright side and if she gets pain, she just brings the speed down, whacks the incline up to 15, then walks uphill instead. (I’ve tried it, and it’s hard work!!)

Anyway. Fit Girl is getting back into running and decided to try a wee run outside, and I decided to join her. 🙂

Nike Miler Short Sleeve Running Top 405254 835My new Nike top came from start fitness today, so I put it over a compression top, put my shorts, cap and trainers on and went out … Into the rain. 😉

My garmin wasn’t getting satellites, but I didn’t hang around for it, I just went and it ended up it didn’t get signal all through the run. I didn’t really mind though as we were running one of my most frequent routes up to Maxwell Park and back (4.3 miles).

We had a good run, despite the darkness, wind and rain, it felt really good to be out. Perhaps because of my lack of running recently, or perhaps because I was running and chatting with Fit Girl for the first time in ages.

Oh and about 3 miles in a woman in a car at the crossroads of Nithsdale Road and St Andrews Drive thought she was going to run us over and tooted at us (I think because she hadn’t initially seen us and got a fright when she realised we were on the road).

She got the vicky from Fit Girl and I gave her the twos up for her tooting at us. Lol

The way I saw it was:

The traffic lights I know very well, were changing to allow her (one car) go from left to right in front of us, and there was a queue of traffic just about to go from our right (to our left).

It was our last chance to cross (behind her car after she past us) or we’d have to stop to let the traffic from our right go by. We weren’t ever going to run in front of her, but think we just have her a bit of a scare in our fluorescent tops and reflective bits.  Lol. No harm done. 😛

A nice wee run anyway. 🙂 here’s a pic of me at the end… bright tops eh?  😉

Run: 4.3 miles, 36:48, pace: 8:34, Calories: 300.
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 157 (83%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

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