Wk51 – 5M steady run on treadmill

I love starting a week with a run, even if it is a treadmill run like the one I made myself do today.  The treadmill has truly become the dreadmill to me and I hate the thought of going on it and the thought of keeping going on it when I’m on it!

I wanted to do 5 miles this morning and the pavements are still icy, so I decided I’d do an easy run on the treadmill instead. When I drove into the car park at Bella I skidded all over the place, so I’m glad I didn’t attempt to run in it!  On the treadmill I put the incline to 1.0 and ran at 11.5kph (7.1mph) until it got to 8.1km.

I was watching the news… wee Sian and Bill on Breakfast telly, so it managed to take my mind off the dreadmill. 

Nice and steady, I finished in just under 43 minutes. 🙂

A great wee start to the week.  😀  Tonights it’s leg weights in the gym.  Looking forward to it.

Run: 5 miles, 42:48, Pace: 8:20, Calories: 400.
Ave HR: 149 (78%), Max HR: 158 (83%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.6.

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