It pays to provide feedback…

The other night I ordered some shorts (and a few other bits and bobs from the good people at Start Fitness.  Based in the North East of England they are a good wee sportswear company with lots of brands, at discounted prices and are quick to deliver goods.

See below… some of my family have offered to buy me the two tops 🙂 – thank you!   Nike Sphere Short Sleeve Half Zip Running Top 405239 600Nike Miler Short Sleeve Running Top 405254 396

Nike Tempo 2 in 1 4" Running Shorts 405251 691I  ordered some nice new Nike Tempo shorts… and when I ordered them, the picture showed them as pink on the outside and pink on the inner shorts too.  But when I got them, they were blue on the inner shorts.

I didn’t mind, but I thought… there might be something in this for me. 😀   Cheeky of me, but hey ho.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

So I emailed them and said that the colour in the picture on the website was wrong, and suggested they update the picture incase they got any complaints or people wanting to return them.  I (perhaps cheekily) asked if they fancied sending me a wee voucher code for highlighting it to them.  😉

And they did!  They sent me an email back thanking me for the feedback and included a £10 voucher code to use. 

Now, what will I buy??!  🙂

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