Even More Crazy Intense Circuits

I’ve created a new circuits challenge following on from my Crazy Intense Circuits and inspired by my use of a body pump barbell in my last circutis class, I thought I’d create a new circuits workout where you do 1 minute of work, for 25 exercises.

It’s a bit like Insanity’s Pure Cardio (Warm up, then 15 exercises for 1 minute each), but it should be even tougher!!  (Less rest, more exercises and more weight/s). 

Here it is:

I use the Tabata HIIT app to do the timings.

And here is an Excel version of all of my three kinds of Crazy Intense Circuits  (including how to set up the timings on the app).

I’ll try one of the 1 x 25 circuits next Wednesday and let you know how I get on! :-D

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